McDonald’s Reveals New Falcon Costume From ‘Captain America: Brave New World’

Captain America Brave New World Happy Meal Falcon costume reveal

McDonald’s Happy Meals continues to be your number one source of Marvel news, as they’ve spoiled yet another aspect of the movie thanks to the extremely early release of merch in the chain’s stores. And after revealing that Red Hulk would indeed be appearing in the upcoming flick, now we’ve got our first good look at the new Falcon costume.

The news started to leak on social media earlier today. But having personally headed to my local McDonald’s, I can confirm that yes, Captain America: Brave New World Happy Meals are now available in stores… Despite the movie not hitting screens until February 14, 2025. It was initially supposed to be released on May 3, 2024, so the timing sort of makes sense. But it’s wild that Marvel and McDonald’s couldn’t shift accordingly. Now, the toys are hitting almost 10 months out… And nearly three months before Deadpool & Wolverine, the only Marvel movie coming out this year, hits theaters.

Anyway, as spotted at Mickey Dees, they’ve got: two little chibi-esque toys for Captain America (Anthony Mackie); one for Red Hulk (presumably Harrison Ford); one of Cap’s shield; one of Redwing, Cap’s drone; and one for Joaquin Torres (Danny Ramirez), aka Falcon. The other two are unnamed but are most likely Ruth/Sabra (Shira Haas) and one that might be villain Diamondback.

However, the wilder reveal beyond the chibis is that when you scan a QR code it takes you to a related Happy Meal game that straight up shows off Joaquin’s full Falcon costume from the movie (click for larger versions):

Happy Meal App’s “Missions” Reveal Red Hulk, Redwing

The rest of the app shows off the chibi-style characters as it walks you through various “missions.” These “missions” are simply cute little animations teaching lessons like “look both ways before you cross the street.” In the five missions in the app, you do hear that Red Hulk is, indeed, called Red Hulk… Redwing gets stuck in a fireworks factory — which is definitely not a reference to Madame Web, but I wish it was — and you might hear a little bit of the score of the movie when you log in, but I won’t swear by that.

Additionally, despite being available as a Happy Meal toy, appearing on the ads outside the restaurant, and even appearing on the loading screen of the game, Ruth/Sabra is not included in the “action” of the missions. It’s just Cap, Falcon, and Red Hulk.

Here are a few more screenshots from what can only generously be called a game:

You can check this all out for yourself at McDonald’s now. No word yet if they cooked the script into a Big Mac or something.

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