McDonald’s Scooped By Empire Magazine In ‘Captain America: Brave New World’ Suit Reveal

Captain America Brave New World new suit Anthony Mackie

For the past few months, McDonald’s has been your number-one source for news on Captain America: Brave New World. From revealing that Red Hulk will be in the movie with a Happy Meal toy, to revealing Danny Ramirez in the new Falcon suit, they’ve been giving the Hollywood trades a run for their money. But I’d bet they’re pretty unHappy Meal that Empire Magazine has scooped them with the first official look at Anthony Mackie in the new Captain America suit.

The news comes without any chicken nuggets or hamburgers. But it does come in Empire Magazine’s Deadpool & Wolverine issue, which includes a cover story on the upcoming MCU flick, as well as Captain America 4. Though there have been plenty of looks at the suit thanks to paparazzi pics, as well as McDonald’s Happy Meals, this is our first official look at the new suit via Marvel and Disney.

Captain America Brave New World Empire Magazine new suit

The suit seems to be much darker than the bright white one Mackie wore in The Falcon & The Winter Soldier on Disney+. In fact, it seems more in line with the one Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) wore in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Pointing perhaps to the muddy morality Sam Wilson will need to deal with in the upcoming movie. Don’t worry, he’s also got his wing-pack on his back, so he won’t be giving up flying any time soon.

Captain America: Brave New World Teases Villain, A More Breakable Hero

“Part of the challenge for Sam as Captain America, working within the government, is the way he’s going to make decisions,” director Julius Onah teased to Empire. “The point of view he’s going to have will at times put him at odds with the President.”

The director also teased that he’ll be going up against Tim Blake Nelson’s Samuel Sterns, aka The Leader, who returns to the role from 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. “Sam finds himself almost standing between Samuel Sterns and what he thinks the government owes him, and how he wants to go about getting that,” Onah said.

And finally, Onah noted that unlike Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson doesn’t have the super-soldier serum, meaning he’s much more damage-prone than the OG Cap. “The action in this movie is incredibly exciting because this is a guy who can break, this is a guy who can bleed,” Onah said. “We get to have a lot of fun pushing him to the limit.”

When Is The New Captain America Movie Coming Out? Captain America: Brave New World Release Date:

If you’re wondering when is Captain America 4 coming out, the answer is February 14, 2025. Probably. The movie was initially supposed to be released on May 3, 2024, but got pushed back due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, as well as what were reportedly extensive reshoots on the film. The first pushed-back date was July 26, 2024, before it was exiled to Valentine’s Day of next year.

Perhaps of note, this is why the McDonald’s toys are hitting now… Captain America: Brave New World was initially supposed to be released this weekend. Now, we’re going to have to wait another eight-plus months to see the movie. Unless it gets pushed back again.

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