Mezo: The Trial Of Roden #1 Exclusive Preview

Mezo The Trial of Roden #1 exclusive preview

Way back in 2020, comic book fans were treated to a wild new fantasy world — or rather, a very old, Mesoamerican one — thanks to Tyler Chin-Tanner, Jarred Luján and Val Rodrigues’s book Mezo. And now, the title is back with a brand new series from A Wave Blue World, Mezo: The Trial of Roden — and Comic Book Club has your exclusive look inside.

“This story arc, ‘The Trial of Roden,’ is about choosing between revenge or redemption,” Chin-Tanner said in a statement provided to Comic Book Club. “Is it more important to hold everyone accountable for whatever slight you may have perceived, or is it better to put differences aside to find common ground for the good of all? And it’s not always an easy question to answer.”

Added Luján, “There isn’t a single fantasy series on the stands quite like MEZO. From its character work to the absolute masterclass Val and Gab are doing on art to its many themes cleverly interwoven across the series, I am so psyched to be a part of it! This series is only going to get better and wilder.”

You can check out the exclusive pages from the issue below. And the first issue will hit comic book stores everywhere on May 1, 2024.

Note: Click the images for a larger version.

Mezo: The Trial of Roden #1 Covers:

Mezo: The Trial of Roden #1 Synopsis:

In the land of Mezo, the Tzalekuhl Empire sets out to conquer all surrounding territories, disrupting the peace that has lasted for generations. Only Kyma, the daughter of a fallen chief who refused to yield, stands in their way. In the aftermath of the Battle at Coban Rock, the Empire has reclaimed its dominance, but there is a traitor in the midst. Roden, the once faithful soldier, showed mercy to the enemy by aiding their escape. Now, he faces judgement before the Almighty Kuhl. Who will come to his defense? Old friends, fellow soldiers, and even bitter rivals will decide the fate of the man who once risked everything to save them all.

Inspired by Mesoamerican history and legends, MEZO is a totally unique fantasy adventure driven by war, political intrigue, and ancient magic!

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