Abrams Teams Up With Frank Miller, David Mack’s Kabuki Gets Omnibus, Blue Beetle And Hellblazer Ending | Comic Book Club News For April 25, 2024

Comic Book Club News April 25, 2024

Abrams ComicArts is now the official home of Frank Miller. David Mack’s Kabuki is getting an omnibus. Blue Beetle and Hellblazer are ending at DC Comics. All on Comic Book Club News for April 25, 2024.


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Episode Transcript:

Abrams teams up with Frank Miller.

David Mack’s Kabuki getting an omnibus.

Blue Beetle and Hellblazer are ending.

This is Comic Book Club News for April 25, 2024.

Abrams ComicArts Is The Official Home Of Frank Miller:

Frank Miller is moving his home from Sin City, to Abrams ComicArts! Also to be clear, we know Frank Miller didn’t actually live in Sin City. As part of the new deal, Abrams will publish two Frank Miller books this fall: Ronin Rising, and Pandora.

Said Frank Miller via a press release provided to Comic Book Club: “The team at Frank Miller Presents and I couldn’t be more pleased to partner with Abrams ComicArts in bringing some of our new original titles to the book market. We share the same mission of prioritizing authors and readers, first and foremost. Abrams’s unique distribution and outreach ensures that the work of our imprint will continue to connect with fans, no matter where they may be.”

Ronin Rising, written by Miller with art by Miller and Phillip Tan, continues the story Miller began for DC back in the ’80s, forty years later — and was the inspiration for TMNT. Meanwhile, Pandora is a fantasy story written by Miller, Anthony Maranville and Chris Silvestri, with art by Emma Kubert.

In addition to these two books, more titles including a single-issue comic book series will be announced at a later date.

David Mack’s Kabuki Gets Omnibus Edition From Dark Horse:

David Mack’s classic Kabuki is getting a massive reprint edition from Dark Horse for its 30th anniversary. Titled The Complete Kabuki: 30th Anniversary Edition, the book is an oversized 9 inches by 12 inches and runs 1,280 pages.

Said Mack via press release: “Kabuki is the foundation of my work in comics. Both as a writer & as an artist. Kabuki is what got me the offer to write Daredevil at Marvel, & to create Echo. All of my work in comics began from this story & this art.  It was my Senior Thesis in Literature” 

The book focuses on a woman code-named Kabuki, who works as an agent of an organization called Noh, and the strange forces she comes up against. The book will hit bookstores on December 10, 2024, and comic shops on December 11, 2024.

Blue Beetle And Hellblazer Are Ending:

Blue Beetle and Hellblazer are ending at DC Comics. Both titles will wrap up at issue 11 in July.

The news was first reported by Bleeding Cool, and it does seem like the titles are ending slightly earlier than expected. Blue Beetle writer Josh Trujillo copped to the team being sad to say goodbye to the title, but that issue 11 would be an oversized finale. Meanwhile, Si Spurrier posted that Hellblazer is “now an 11-issue series.”

With DC heading back to Wednesday distribution at the end of the month, perhaps there’s a bit of realignment going on in terms of publishing strategy, because ending at 11 is a pretty weird amount of issues. Regardless, they’re both good books, so check them out.

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