Trina Robbins Dies, Marvel Asks What If Donald Duck Became Wolverine, NYX Details Released | Comic Book Club News For April 12, 2024

comic book club news april 12 2024

Trina Robbins, a comic book pioneer, has died at age 85. Marvel to publish What If…? Donald Duck Became Wolverine. NYX details released. All on Comic Book Club News for April 12, 2024.


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Episode Transcript:

Trina Robbins has died at age 85.

What if Donald Duck became Wolverine?

NYX details released.

This is Comic Book Club News for April 12, 2024.

Trina Robbins, Comic Book Pioneer, Dead At 85:

Trina Robbins, a comic book pioneer who joined the Will Eisner Hall of Fame in 2013, has died at age 85.

As part of her long and storied career, Robbins was one of the most renowned women on the alt-comix scene, and the first ever to include an out lesbian character in a comic strip. Later, she reinvented Millie the Model for Marvel Comics, crafted a pro-choice anthology with all-star creators in 1990, and her own characters including Go-Girl, an all-ages female hero.

However, she’s probably best known to comic book fans at large for her work on Wonder Woman, having drawn the title for writer Kurt Busiek after Crisis on Infinite Earths, and working with Colleen Doran on a graphic novel involving Wonder Woman and spousal abuse titled Wonder Woman: The Once and Future Story.

That said, her contributions stretch far beyond DC Comics. In fact, it was her activism that created real change in the industry, particularly helping found The Friends of Lulu, an organization that promoted both comic book reading for women, and women in the comic book industry.

Her impact is undeniable, and she will be missed.

Marvel To Publish What If…? Donald Duck Became Wolverine?

For a few years now Marvel has been publishing variant covers showing Disney characters as Marvel characters in What If…? scenarios. And now, one of those mash-ups is becoming real in the upcoming one-shot: What If…? Donald Duck Became Wolverine?

 Written by Luca Barbieri with art by Giada Perissinotto, the story will actually be a sort of parody of Old Man Logan, with an aging Donald-Wolverine reminiscing about his time with Weapon X and the Uncanny X-Men. Also appearing in the issue are Pete-Skull instead of Red Skull, Mickey-Hawkeye, and Goofy-Hulk.

Said Barbieri via press release: “Donald Duck and Wolverine are two characters that seem almost impossible to make coexist, but in fact they possess very similar personality: they are both hot-tempered and unlucky, but in adversity they do not lose heart and always show that they have a big heart! Once this point was focused, writing the story turned out to be easy and fun!”

The comic hits stores on July 31.

NYX Details Released:

As promised, Marvel released a bunch of details about NYX, the third X-Men book coming from the publisher in July. Written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, with art by Francesco Mortarino, the new book will feature a diverse cast who live throughout New York City, per the title of the book.

Said Kelly via press release: “This is the kind of book we came to Marvel to create. When the Hivemind first formed, [we] bonded over books like RunawaysYoung Avengers, and the original NYX – stories that showcased that tense, wonderful place where the mundane world and marvels collided. And no book has embodied that more in recent years than Ms. Marvel – Kamala Khan is one of the most definitive protagonists in the Marvel canon, and we’re deeply honored to be inheriting the character from Iman [Vellani] and Sabir [Pirzada], while chronicling a whole new phase in her growth as a young adult.”

As Kelly notes, Ms. Marvel will be the anchor of the book, now living in the Lower East Side. Meanwhile, Laura Kinney will be in Bushwick, with Anole, Prodigy and Sophie Cuckoo rounding out the cast.

The new ongoing series will hit stores on July 24.

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