Avatar Headed To Webtoon, Future Spawn Spinoff Details Revealed, X-Force Kills [SPOILER] | Comic Book Club News For March 27, 2024

comic book club news march 27, 2024 avatar x-force rat city

Dark Horse’s Avatar: The Last Airbender comics are heading to Webtoon, for free. Image Comics has revealed new details on Rat City, the future set Spawn spinoff. A major character dies in X-Force #50. All on Comic Book Club News for March 27, 2024.


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Episode Transcript:

Avatar: the last Webtoon?

Rat City reveals new details.

X-Force kills a major character.

This is Comic Book Club News for March 27, 2024.

Dark Horse Avatar: The Last Airbender Comics Headed To Webtoon:

Aang may be the last airbender, but he’s definitely not the last — or the first — comic to head to Webtoon. Which is an awkward way of setting up that Dark Horse’s hit comic book continuation of the Nickelodeon animated series is heading to the Webtoon platform, for free.

While Dark Horse is promising eventually every comic they’ve published will be on Webtoon, right now you can check out the first three episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Promise by Gene Luen Yang and Gurihiru, a book that is both prequel and sequel to the animated series.

Said David S. Lee, WEBTOON’s Head of Content, via press release: “Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph’s on-screen journey is just part of their adventure, which continues in an incredible series of graphic novels. Now, readers can immerse themselves in the rich storytelling and stunning artwork of these graphic novels in a new way. We’re thrilled to give Avatar: The Last Airbender fans a new way to experience the magic of this beloved series and introduce the WEBTOON community to the incredible world of bending.”

New episodes will post weekly on Saturdays.

Future Set Spawn Spinoff Rat City Reveals New Details:

The Spawn universe is expanding in a big way this year, and now we know a whole lot more details about one of the titles: Rat City, the future set spinoff written by Erica Schultz.

The title follows a former soldier named Peter Cairn, also known as The Deviant, who was transformed by something done in the past by the original Spawn, Al Simmons, into a Spawn. In preview pages, we also discover he’s a cyborg. Also he lives in a place called Rat City. So you know.

Said Schultz, who a provided press release notes is the first female writer of a Spawn title ever: “We wanted to tell a compelling story about a man whose life was turned upside down by circumstances beyond his control. Peter, and perhaps others like him, are collateral damage in Al Simmons’ war… we’ll see the consequences of that unending conflict.”

Rat City features art by Zé Carlos, and hits stores on April 10.

X-Force #50 Kills Beast:

Today’s issue of X-Force is the big #50, the last issue for a while given the upcoming X-Men reboot, and also it kills off a major character. Spoilers past this point. In the issue, Beast has decided to save mutantkind by sending them all into a black hole to keep them safe. Meanwhile, X-Force has booted up an older version of Beast to stop him. And in the conclusion of the issue, the older Beast dies stopping the black hole generator in order to save the life of his friend, Wonder Man.

That’s pretty much the long and the short of it, but this concludes a story Benjamin Percy has been weaving through both X-Force and Wolverine for a few years now, with Beast going increasingly rogue — not to be confused with the X-Men character — on his quest to protect his kind.

It also sets up a new status quo for the character. Or rather, resets it, as this kinder, nerdier, “oh my stars and garters” Beast is, we discover, once again shacking up with Wonder Man in an apartment together.

Where and when we might follow this old-school pairing is TBA. But RIP, Bad Beast. You were a beauty.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. Maybe Rat City is a city run by rats? I don’t know.

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