When Will Madame Web Stream? What We Know About The Digital Release Date

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Madame Web is now in theaters, doing whatever the opposite of ruling the box office is. Oh, right: bombing. As of this writing, it’s dropped about 67% in the second weekend, which sure indicates that a bunch of folks are A) not seeing it, and/or B) waiting to watch it at home. So when will Madame Web stream?

Since the film event of the century only debuted less than two weeks ago, the Sony/Columbia Pictures movie has yet to officially announce a Madame Web digital release date. However, we can pretty firmly speculate about the streaming date based on previous Sony releases, so read on.

When will Madame Web Be On Streaming? What We Know:

Update, March 15, 2024: Surprise! Madame Web is available to rent and own on digital as of today on all major platforms. The original story follows.

So, full disclosure, the world of streaming release dates has gone pretty wacky over the past few months/years. Some studios are sticking to strict release windows. Others see the writing on the wall when the box office is collapsing and quickly announce a streaming date. So while Sony might be smart to see Madame Web fizzling at the box office and release it on streaming two weeks later (meaning either Wednesday, February 28, or Friday, March 1), that’s a sign of defeat they may not want to signal to the industry… Particularly with something they have a huge financial stake in like Sony’s Spider-Man Universe of characters.

To that end, let’s take a look at some other Sony releases to see if we can prognosticate like Cassandra Webb (Dakota Johnson) to figure out when Madame Web will hit VOD (Video on Demand) services such as Fandango, Prime Video, or Apple TV.

The closest point of comparison to Madame Web is probably Sony’s last Spider-Man-adjacent movie, Morbius. That was released on April 1, 2022, in the United States — no joke! — followed by a digital download release on May 17, 2022, after Morbius also tanked in theaters. That’s 46 days, which is the norm for digital releases nowadays, around 45 days from theatrical to digital.

While not a Spider-Man film, Dumb Money, another Sony release that came and went in theaters in 2023 followed the same pattern: 46 days between its wide release, and release on digital on demand. Also perhaps important to note… Both of these films were released on Tuesdays, the typical release day for VOD. Some are released on Fridays, as well, but we’ll ignore that for the moment.

One contrasting note: Eli Roth’s horror flick Thanksgiving came out on November 17, 2023, and then on streaming on December 19, 2023. Granted, that movie – pun intended – has a short shelf life, but that’s only 32 days.

So with that in mind, Madame Web was released on Wednesday, February 14. If we go with the 30ish days model ala Thanksgiving, then Madame Web could hit streaming as early as March 19, 2024.

I think the 45/46 days model is more likely. 46 days after February 14 is Sunday, March 31. To that end, I’d expect Madame Web to be available on streaming either a little early on Tuesday, March 26, 2024; or more likely the following Tuesday, April 2, 2024.

That said, if Sony wanted to do the funniest thing ever they could drop it on Monday, April 1. Make that “Bad Spider-Man-Related Movie Day!”

Will Madame Web Stream On Netflix?

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Update, May 14, 2024: Called it! Madame Web is now on Netflix. The original story still follows after this.

Sure will! Back in 2021, Sony signed a deal with Netflix making them the home for all their 2022-2026 movies to head to Netflix in the “first pay window” alternately called a “pay one window.” What that means is that typically about 120 days after theatrical release, once those VOD dollars start petering out, the movie will head to Netflix.

Before you start making your plans though, Sony’s recent releases have come to Netflix have been all over the place. To use our three examples above: Morbius hit Netflix about five months after release; Dumb Money hit after four months; and Thanksgiving arrived a short three months later.

With that in mind, Madame Web could hit Netflix anywhere between mid-May and mid-July, which is a pretty wide range! What’s On Netflix provides a good guess here with June 13, 2024, basically splitting the difference at exactly 120 days. However, with Thanksgiving dropping so quickly, it’s possible we could be getting our Madame Web on Netflix as early as May 14, 2024.

Will Madame Web Stream On Disney+?

Madame Web will be on Disney+ — but it’s going to be a while. Disney+ has Sony’s “pay 2 window,” meaning they get Sony’s movies once Netflix is done with them, around 18 months later.

The specific comp we’ll use here is Morbius, which is just coming to Disney+ on Friday, March 1, 2024, for the first time, a little under two years since it was in theaters. So while if we go for 18 months, that means Madame Web will be sitting next to her Spider-buddies on Disney+ in August of 2025, it might be a while longer — as late as January 2026.

Will Madame Web Stream On Hulu?

Probably! Under the same deal mentioned above, Sony movies can come to both Disney+ and Hulu. While we don’t know for sure at this time, there have been several double-service streaming releases. If Hulu is still around in 2026, you can likely watch Madame Web there.

Will Madame Web Stream on Max?

Maybe on a long enough timeline. But Sony’s deal(s) does not currently include Max, so don’t expect it to pop up there. Sorry, Max-heads.

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