Robert Kirkman Settles Invincible Lawsuit, Beast World Renames The Hall Of Justice, Tom Taylor Shuts Down Troll With Classy Response | Comic Book Club News For January 30, 2024

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Robert Kirkman has settled a lawsuit with colorist William Crabtree. Titans: Beast World #6 renames the Hall of Justice. Tom Taylor shut down an online troll named Chuck Dixon with a classy response. All on Comic Book Club News for January 30, 2024.


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Episode Transcript:

Kirkman settles Invincible lawsuit.

Beast World renames the Hall of Justice.

Tom Taylor classily shuts down online troll.

This is Comic Book Club News for January 30, 2024.

Robert Kirkman Settles Invincible Lawsuit With William Crabtree:

Invincible writer Robert Kirkman has settled a long-running lawsuit with colorist William Crabtree, reports ICv2.

Initially filed in 2022, the court case stems back to agreements supposedly made between Kirkman and Crabtree regarding media rights for the Image comic, which Crabtree was colorist on for the first fifty issues. Though two of Crabtree’s claims were ruled invalid by a judge back in November of 2023, two claims — that a Certificate of Authorship Crabtree signed was invalid, and that Kirkman breached an oral contract — were cleared to go to trial next month.

Instead, the claims were settled before the court case. No terms were disclosed, so at this time it is unknown whether money was exchanged hands, and/or Kirkman granted some creator rights to Crabtree.

However, with the comic still selling strong in shops, and new episodes of the hit TV show coming to Prime Video in March, it’s clear that Kirkman and company would not want a potentially messy trial dragging on at the same time.

Titans: Beast World #6 Renames The Hall Of Justice:

With the end of any event series from the Big Two, aka Marvel and DC, comes promises of how everything changes forever for the universe. And while that’s rarely true in the long term, DC has been playing a long game for the past few years, with each event cascading into the next. So how, with that in mind, does Beast World end in today’s sixth issue? Spoilers past this point.

While the Titans think they pull out a win by turning everyone back into humans from beasts, bringing Gar Logan, aka Beast Boy, back to life, and Raven beating her evil opposite, Doctor Hate, the end of the issue promises this isn’t one of those stories.

And in fact, the biggest change is that Amanda Waller manages to turn the idiots who live in the DC Universe even further against superheroes. First, the Justice League disbanded at the end of Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths. Then in the Knight Terrors crossover, Waller poisoned the well against the main DC characters like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. And in Titans: Beast World she takes things further by casting the Titans as the villains and turning the Hall of Justice into the Hall of Order.

So what event will this lead into next? TBA as of this taping, but a secret, major DC event will kick off in May’s Free Comic Book Day special. All we know is that Amanda Waller is an expert at taking the multiple “L”s in her name and turning them into the first letter of her name, a “W.”

Did that make any sense? Not sure time for the next news item bye!

Tom Taylor Shuts Down Chuck Dixon With Classy Response:

Writer Tom Taylor has shut down an online troll with the classiest response possible. The troll, a former comic book creator and full-time YouTube huckster named Chuck Dixon posted an altered panel from a recent issue of Nightwing, featuring the title character and Jon Kent, aka Superman. Using clearly faked dialogue, the post was meant to point out how comics have taken diversity too far or whatever.

Since Taylor not only knew the real dialogue but had written it, he responded in kind.

Said Taylor on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter: “Hey, Chuck. That’s not the dialogue. Someone’s photoshopped it for the usual outrage nonsense. But I want to say thank you so much for all you and Scott McDaniel did for Nightwing. Bruno Redondo and I were offered several books, some that would be seen as ‘higher profile’, but he and I wanted to put Nightwing back on the pedestal we believed he belonged on, largely because of a love of the character that came from your stories. We’ve fortunately found a lot of success with Nightwing, critically and in sales (largely because of Bruno Redondo’s incredible art), but none of this would have been possible without everything you and Scott McDaniel built. Thanks.”

Dixon took down the post, but not before it was amplified by another online troll named Dean Cain, who is best known for his roles in R.A.D.A.R.: The Electronic Dog, and for being not very good at acting.

I guess if there’s one lesson to take away from this podcast it’s that Tom Taylor is a class act, but we’re definitely not. Dixon and Cain stink.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And remember, you can’t spend Waller without “ay” or “argh.” Again, not sure what I’m trying to do here.

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