DC Comics April 2024 Solicit Highlights | Comic Book Club News For January 22, 2024

Comic Book Club News January 22 2024 DC Comics April 2024 Solicit Highlights

On today’s episode of Comic Book Club News, we’re taking a look at some of the highlights from DC Comics April 2024 solicits.


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Episode Transcript:

Today we’re taking a look through the highlights from DC Comics solicits for April 2024!

This is Comic Book Club News for January 22, 2024.

DC Comics April 2024 Solicit Highlights:

It’s a shower of April comics coming from DC this year, led by the Superman titles taking over with House of Brainiac. As previously reported by Comic Book Club News, both Superman and Action Comics will find the Man of Steel dealing with Brainiac, as well as an army of Czarnians, aka Lobos, as Brainiac searches Earth for a mysterious thingamabob. Meanwhile, the action will cross over into Power Girl, Green Lantern, and presumably more to come, as the storyline spills into the following two months.

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of Batman to come next month, as well. In the main title, Chip Zdarsky continues to unfold Zur en Arrh’s plan in the Dark Prisons storyline, while Ram V begins the end of his run on Detective Comics. But the titles that spark the most joy here at Comic Book Club News are Batman: Off World #5 by Jason Aaron and Doug Mahnke, which pits a younger Dark Knight versus aliens; and Batman: Space Age #2 by Mark Russell and Mike Allred, which recasts Bruce Wayne against the space race for an alternate history take.

Nightwing, Harley Quinn, And More Also Hit In April 2024

Batman-adjacent is Nightwing #113, which is getting renumbered as issue #300 for a legacy anniversary. Written by Tom Taylor with art by one of my favorites, Various, the issue will attempt to tie together Dick Grayson’s convoluted continuity before thrusting him into a new status quo. The cover by Bruno Redondo, as usual, rips. Of note, there’s also a Nightwing Annual coming out focusing on his pirate girlfriend Bea Bennett, written and drawn by Travis Moore.

Also on the double-duty front? Squirrel Girl superstar Erica Henderson is writing and drawing this year’s Harley Quinn Annual, which sends Harley to a cruise ship to solve a murder mystery where Zatanna is accused of the crime. Sounds awesome, please put aside five copies for me, and thank you.

Looking for something bigger and bolder? Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #7 wraps up the titanic clash of titans in the final issue. And in case you missed it, the entire series will be released in one collected volume in April, as well.

Last but certainly not least, for you Sandmen out there, DC will be releasing what they call an entirely remastered version of The Sandman #19, aka the Midsummer Night’s Dream issue, featuring pages working off colorist Steve Oliff’s original color guides, a foreword from Oliff, and a new, painted cover from artist Charles Vess. Hopefully, they didn’t tweak the story so Bottom shoots first.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And if April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? Batman.

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