Hack/Slash: Back to School #2 Review: The Game Is Afoot

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Cassie Hack’s slasher school origin continues from Zoe Thorogood in Hack/Slash: Back to School #2.

We reviewed the book on the Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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Hack/Slash: Back to School #2 Review:

With Cassie Hack firmly ensconced as a school for slasher killers, in this issue, she’s investigating some weird deaths involving a video game series. Meanwhile, there’s some tension between Cassie and Vlad.

“I continue to absolutely love this series,” host Alex Zalben said. “Zoe Thorogood’s art is gorgeous and very tripped out, particularly this issue as they travel inside of a video game. I love it.”

Host Pete LePage loved the book, as well, but was stressed out about Cassie and Vlad. In the main continuity of the comics, the two have been separated for a long time, so LePage was bummed out that after seeing them together again in the first issue, they’re once again apart. That said, LePage added, “I’m excited to have more on this world and I think it’s in great hands. I just have a soft spot for Vlad and Cassie.”

Zalben disagreed a bit with LePage adding that even with the separation he felt the relationship was “still very much a central part of the book.” He called out a scene where Cassie sees Vlad hanging out with one of the other girls in the school, and bonding, and is clearly upset about that — which powers the rest of Cassie’s actions in the issue. “Cassie is perhaps misinterpreting the situation,” Zalben noted. “At the same time, she’s getting to be with other people who are like her… We know [Cassie and Vlad] are going to end up together after this experience and go forward in their adventures. So how do they get there? What breaks in terms of the school? I’m very excited about the inherent tension that is in that premise.”

Finishing up, Zalben said that he understood what LePage was feeling, but “the Cassie/Vlad of it all is still very much a part of it, even if they’re not together.”

Hack/Slash: Back to School #2 Official Synopsis:

Cassie Hack has gone back to school…slasher-hunting school! Meet Darla, an ex-scream queen dedicated to turning young girls into Killer Killing Machines by way of the mysterious Agency—and she’s just in time as a host of internet slashers attack!

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