Breaking: G.I. Joe, Cobra Characters To Appear In G.I. Joe, Cobra Comics

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Get ready to have your mind blown: Skybound and Hasbro have revealed that G.I. Joe characters will appear in their upcoming G.I. Joe miniseries, Duke. And not only that: Cobra characters will appear in their upcoming Cobra miniseries, Cobra Commander. What’s next, Transformers in the Transformers series???

Obviously, I’m being glib here, particularly because so far Skybound and Hasbro’s shared Energon Universe has been a lot of fun. Kicking off stealthily with Robert Kirkman’s Void Rivals, the universe expanded with Daniel Warren Johnson’s Transformers. And as revealed at New York Comic Con, there’s a lot more comics crossover to come.

It’ll continue to grow with the November 8 debuting Transformers #2, which features an appearance by Conrad S. Hauser, aka Duke. Sadly, he doesn’t dress like a Duke or act like a Duke, despite the fact that’s what G.I. Joe is all about. Instead, the G.I. Joe leader will head straight into his own series written by Joshua Williamson with art by Tom Reilly. It’s called Duke, if you were wondering, and hits stores on December 27.

The book focuses on the origin of G.I. Joe in a world that knows about Autobots and Decepticons. And beyond Duke, it will include franchise mainstays Colonel Hawk, Stalker, and Baroness.

G.I. Joe in Skybound's Energon Universe: Duke, Colonel Hawk, Stalker and Baroness

Then on January 17, 2024, Skybound will debut Cobra Commander #1, which will find the masked baddie trying to gather together as much Energon (the stuff that powers Transformers) as possible for nefarious means. Again written by Williamson, with art by Andrea Milana and Annalisa Leoni, like the Duke miniseries this will detail the origins of Cobra.

Along with Cici (as I like to call him), the series will feature Destro, Zarana, and Mercer.

Cobra in Skybound's Energon Universe: Cobra Commander, Destro, Zarana and Mercer

There’s more to come, as two other TBA G.I. Joe miniseries will be coming next year, alongside the ongoing Void Rivals and Transformers series. Fingers crossed those upcoming minis also have G.I. Joe characters in them, but I’m not holding my breath.

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