IDW Preview: Beneath The Trees Where Nobody Sees #1

Beneath The Trees Where Nobody Sees #1 header preview

What if an adorable bear was a vicious serial killer? And what if someone else was going to ruin everything for her by killing recklessly themselves? That’s the idea behind Patrick Horvath‘s cozy horror book Beneath The Trees Where Nobody Sees #1.

When we advance reviewed the book, we likened it to “Precious Moments meets Saw,” and added, “If you’re looking for something that’s going to make your spine tingle while making you saw ‘aw’ at the same time, Beneath The Trees Where Nobody Sees is something to check out this check out this Fall… It’s a perfect October, Halloween book.”

…And now it’s almost here from IDW. The book hits on October 18, but you can get a look inside right now.

Beneath The Trees Where Nobody Sees #1 Preview

Check out the cover, and six interior pages from the issue.

Beneath The Trees Where Nobody Sees #1 Official Synopsis:

Don’t. Murder. The locals.

This is small-town serial killer, upstanding citizen, and adorable brown bear Samantha Strong’s cardinal rule. After all, there’s a sea of perfectly ripe potential victims in the big city just beyond the forest, and when you’ve worked as hard as Sam to build a cozy life and a thriving business in a community surrounded by friendly fellow animal folk, warm décor, and the aroma of cedar trees and freshly baked apple pie…the last thing you want is to disturb the peace.

So you can imagine her indignation when one of Woodbrook’s own meets a grisly, mysterious demise—and you wouldn’t blame her for doing anything it takes to hunt down her rival before the town self-destructs and Sheriff Patterson starts (literally) barking up the wrong tree.

Live, laugh, shed blood. “Dexter” meets Richard Scarry’s Busy Town in writer-artist Patrick Horvath’s twisted debut of BENEATH THE TREES WHERE NOBODY SEES!

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