Matt Kindt Channels Heavy Metal, Oni Press Reveals 2024 Slate, Don Lee Joins Dynamite, Keith Giffen Dies | Comic Book Club News For October 12, 2023

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Matt Kindt channels Heavy Metal for a new Dark Horse Comics book. Oni Press has revealed its first wave of new titles for 2024. Don Lee launches a new comic from Dynamite. And Keith Giffen has died at age 70. All on Comic Book Club News for October 12, 2023.


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Episode Transcript:

Matt Kindt channels Heavy Metal.

Oni Press reveals first wave of titles for 2024.

Don Lee joins Dynamite.

This is Comic Book Club News for October 12, 2023.

Keith Giffen Dies At Age 70:

Keith Giffen, the iconic writer/artist, has died at age 70. For a full transcript of this section, check out our obituary for Keith Giffen.

Matt Kindt Channels Heavy Metal For New Dark Horse Comic:

A new Matt Kindt comic is always exciting news, but this announcement is a fascinating one. Kindt, along with Dark Horse Comics, will be launching a new title, If You Find This, I’m Already Dead. Rather than released in the normal comics format, the book will be magazine-sized. It will also come with backmatter as well as the main story.

“If Moebius, Richard Corben, and Jack Kirby had a baby…well…they actually did. And it’s us,” Kindt said, via a release provided to Comic Book Club News. “We wanted to capture the great tradition of such great sci-fi magazines as Heavy MetalEpic Magazine, and 1984 with a big scuzzy cosmic sci-fi story and format.”

That big, scuzzy story focuses on Robin, a reporter embedded with the Marines, who are heading to a hostile pocket universe called Terminus. Ten minutes into the mission, the entire squad is wiped out, so it’s up to Robin to survive… And report the story at the same time.

The series is written by Kindt, and illustrated by Dan McDaid. The first issue will hit stores on February 14 and is the perfect present for your big, scuzzy girlfriend.

Oni Press Reveals First Wave Of 2024 Titles:

As teased to Comic Book Club at Baltimore Comic Con by Oni Press President and Publisher Hunter Gorinson, the first wave of titles from the publisher for 2024 have been revealed.

Nicknamed ONI 2024, the new line of monthly, ongoing comics will actually kick off in December, with new titles launching monthly. The first out of the gate is Invasive #1 by Cullen Bunn and Jesús Hervás, which is described as a story of surgical horror. Next up is Jill and the Killers #1 by Olivia Cuartero-Briggs and Roberta Ingranata in January, a razor-sharp teenage thriller.

In February, Oni launches Cemetery Kids Don’t Die #1, by Zac Thompson and Daniel Irizarri, a “near-future descent into a virtual world with killer consequences.” March brings Night People #1 by Barry Giffords and Chris Condon, with art by Brian Level, Alexandre Tefenkgi, and Artyom Topilin. That title is described as “an uneasy odyssey into the provocative and surreal periphery of the American underworld.”

And in April, Murewa Ayodele and Dotun Akande launch Akogun, Brutalizer of Gods #1, which is “a fearlessly unrelenting reinvention of the barbarian mythos.”

That’s just what the publisher is referring to as the “first semester” of titles, with more to come throughout the year. Here’s hoping Oni can make readers so “oh yes” to picking up all their new comics.

Don Lee Launches New Dynamite Comic:

Actor Don Lee, best known for Marvel’s Eternals and Train to Busan, is launching his first comic book. As announced by Dynamite, the actor will “star” in the title he co-created, along with writer Christopher Priest and artist Jae Lee.

Titled Sterling North, Don Lee had this to say about the book: “As a long-time comics fan, I’m grateful and beyond excited to be working with iconic comic creators Christopher Priest and Jae Lee, and the fantastic team at Dynamite to bring this unique story to life. I can’t wait for my existing fans and newcomers to meet Sterling North and enjoy this incredible collaboration!”

Wondering what Sterling North is about? Well, so is the creative team. According to Dynamite, they’re still “hard at work ironing out parts of the story and collaborative process.” However, they were able to tease that, The man once known as Jonathon Smith has suffered a horrific accident, and is faced with extensive facial reconstruction surgery and memory loss. What his wife doesn’t know is that he did in fact die, but a top-level CIA agent codenamed ‘Sterling North’ has taken his place in order to rout out terrorists and other looming threats.”

So weird that they’re adapting my life story! Presumably, more on the title will be revealed once they work out all the details and whatnot. But as is, the hard part — sending a press release announcing the project — is out of the way.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. Big, scuzzy Alex Zalben.

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