X-Men’s Krakoan Age Ending, Rick Remender Exclusive With Image, Absolute Superman Coming | Comic Book Club News For September 21, 2023

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The X-Men’s Krakoan Age looks to be coming to an end in 2024. Rick Remender has gone exclusive with Image Comics. And Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s Superman gets an Absolute collection. All this on Comic Book Club News for September 21, 2023.


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Episode Transcript:

X-Men’s Krakoa Age ending?

Remender goes exclusive with Image.

Absolute Superman coming to stores.

This is Comic Book Club News for September 21, 2023.

X-Men’s Krakoan Age Is Coming To A Close:

It’s the end of the Krakoan Age as we know it, and we feel fine. Marvel is teasing that the storyline that kicked off in 2019 will begin to come to a close in the New Year, with a series of just-released teasers.

Though the publisher was light on details other than fans will find out more at this year’s New York Comic Con, here’s what we do know. Two titles will launch in January. The first is Fall of the House of X, written by Gerry Duggan, with art by Lucas Werneck. The other is Rise of the Powers of X, written by Kieron Gillen with art by R.B. Silva.

Savvy fans will note that the former is the team behind the currently running X-Men title, while the latter is behind the Immortal X-Men title. While not confirmed, smart money would say these will replace the two books for the duration of the event.

Even savvier fans will note that these titles bookend the four-year-long storyline, which kicked off in Jonathan Hickman’s House of X and Powers of X. In it, the normally superheroic mutants took a different tact, forming their own nation on the island of Krakoa, and expanding their purview to life-changing medicine — and the power of resurrection.

As previously reported, the X-Men line should be changing hands sometime next year, with long-time Avengers editor Tom Brevoort taking over from current X-Men editor Jordan D. White. Presumably, White will wrap up the Krakoa storyline before passing the torch. As to what’s next for Marvel’s merry mutants? Stay tuned.

Rick Remender Signs Exclusive With Image Comics:

Rick Remender has tied the knot with Image Comics. As revealed via press release, the prolific creator has signed a three-year-exclusive contract with the publisher that gives him “carte-blanche” to create books on his own, as well as through his Giant Generator imprint.

Said Remender: “We live by one motto ‘If you give it love, it will find friends. The beautifully ironic side effect of making a book with love, and the years of investment needed to make it great, is that it will have better odds of attracting top-level talent from film and television while also honoring your reader base.”

Remender had a number of successful runs on Marvel books, but arguably his biggest successes have been with Image. However, it was still surprising to see Remender call out the big two publishers in the press release. Noted the creator, “I’ve recently turned down very generous offers to write X-Men and Batman, and while flattered, that would ultimately be a step backwards artistically, and not where my heart is at.”

Remender’s currently running title at Image is The Sacrificers. Coming up, he’s teaming with Andy Samberg for The Holy Roller, which will debut this October.

Absolute Superman Collection Coming:

If you get asked “do you like Superman” and your answer is “absolutely,” do we have the collection for you! As reported by ICv2, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s run on Superman will be collected into Absolute Superman, a 640-page hardcover to be released next year.

The enormous book will collect Superman and the Legion of Super-HeroesSuperman: Brainiac, and Superman: Secret Origin, as well as Action Comics Annual #10, Superman: New Krypton Special #1, and Action Comics #900. Also in the collection are sketches from Frank, scripts from Johns, and much more. It will go on sale on May 28, 2024 for a cool $150.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And I also turned down writing X-Men and Batman, they’re always asking me to write those titles and I don’t have the time, you know? I’m so busy. So, so busy.

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