W0rldtr33 Grows Money, Starer Suplexes The Heart, Baltimore Calling | Comic Book Club News For September 4, 2023

comic book club news september 4 2023 total suplex of the heart baltimore comic con w0rldtr33

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Joanne Starer is channeling her real-life wrestling experience for a new graphic novel, Total Suplex of the Heart. James Tynion IV’s W0rldtr33 is growing money, revealing a surprising amount of copies sold for the first issue. And Comic Book Club is heading to Baltimore.


Episode Transcript:

Starer suplexes the heart.

W0rldtr33 grows money.

Comic Book Club is heading to Baltimore.

This is Comic Book Club News for September 4, 2023.

Joanne Starer Delivers A Total Suplex Of The Heart:

Writer Joanne Starer has been making some big moves lately. From this week’s upcoming Fire & Ice: Welcome to Smallville, to Sirens in the City, she’s got a busy few months. And now, you can add Total Suplex of the Heart to the list.

The new YA graphic novel follows a young journalist named Georgie who, eager to prove herself, goes undercover at the local wrestling scene. Once there she finds herself wrestling with a whole host of issues. Those include romance, friendship, and whether she might be more into this wrestling stuff than she thought.

Starer actually started in wrestling herself. You can read more about it in a great webcomic the writer posted on Medium, but after deciding she rather be behind the scenes than in the ring, she created an all-female wrestling promotion called Kiryoku Pro back in 2002.

Said Starer via press release: “Total Suplex of the Heart is an incredibly personal story for me. It borrows from my formative years as a teenager, navigating my way through eating disorders, toxic relationships, and my own self-worth, all while working in the wild world of pro-wrestling. I can only hope it strikes a chord with readers who have experienced some of these same struggles.”

The graphic novel includes art by Ornella Greco and will be released by Humanoids in March of 2024.

Money Grows On W0RLDTR33:

Following up on last week’s discussion of comics sales chart transparency, or lack thereof, Image has made a surprising announcement regarding their title W0rldtr33: how many copies it has sold.

Or at least, approximately how many copies of the first issue have been printed. As shared in a press release announcing the first four issues are all heading back to print, it was noted that the fifth printing of issue one will take the order number to over 150,000 copies.

Said writer James Tynion IV in the release: “I really can’t believe the continued support you’ve all shown this book, as it grows and finds its audience. W0RLDTR33 is going to be on the stands for many years to come, and it’s a thrill for Fernando, Jordie, Aditya, and I to see it find so many more new readers every month.”

The book follows a dangerous, evil internet looking to take over or corrupt the world; and the completely naked lady who will stop at nothing to make that happen. Who knew that naked ladies and violence would sell comics? Is this news? We should tell someone.

Anywho, the important thing to note here is that while there have been orders for 150,000 copies of the first issue, that does not mean 150,000 issues have been sold. It merely means that comic book stores have ordered that many copies. Whether they’ve sold to actual human beings or not is TBD. That said, the mere fact that W0rldtr33 is going back for a fifth printing indicates those issues are most likely flying off shelves. You might say this tree is growing money.

The new printings will be available in stores on September 27.

Comic Book Club Heading To Baltimore:

…And since it’s Labor Day here in the United States and news is slow, a little bit of a plug to end the show: Comic Book Club is heading to Baltimore. Specifically, Baltimore Comic Con on September 8-10, we’ll be located at Booth A23 in Artist Alley.

At the convention, we’ll be giving away stickers and buttons, selling comics, and a special, Baltimore Comic Con exclusive ashcan. We’ll also be taping some fun podcasts with your fave writers and artists, right at the table, throughout the convention.

If you’re coming down to Baltimore, please do stop by and say hello!

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And my second cousin died of a total suplex of the heart, so that’s really rude to me and my family.

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