Peach Momoko Nightmare Variants, Comic Thefts Hit Chicago, A Superhero Schitt’s Creek | Comic Book Club News For August 28, 2023

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On today’s Comic Book Club News for August 28, 2023, Peach Momoko is bringing Nightmare Variants to Marvel. Plus, Fire and Ice have a new series that’s described as a superhero Schitt’s Creek. And FanExpo Chicago is reportedly hit with multiple comic book thefts.


Episode Transcript:

Peach Momoko brings nightmares to Marvel.

Comics theft hits Chicago.

Are Fire and Ice the new Alexis and David?

This is Comic Book Club News for August 28, 2023.

Peach Momoko Brings Nightmare Variants To Marvel:

No, you’re not dreaming: Marvel will release a series of Nightmare Variant covers this December, all drawn by artist Peach Momoko.

As first reported by Major Spoilers, the Nightmare Variants will stretch over 26 issues released weekly in December. Titles range from issues of Captain America and Immortal Thor to Black Panther, Spider-Woman, and Timeless.

While these covers will carry Momoko’s distinctive art style, it is a curious choice to run these Nightmare Variants just four months after DC Comics released its own nightmare-focused event, Knight Terrors. That will wrap up this week at the Distinguished Competition and has included hundreds of nightmare variants for DC characters, over dozens of issues.

It’s also weird that DC released their titles in July and August, aka Summer months, and Marvel is releasing their nightmares in December, aka holiday time. But whatever, we just report the news, we don’t plan comic release schedules. That would be our nightmare.

Comics Theft Comes To Chicago:

FanExpo Chicago may have seen multiple comic book thefts this year. As reported by ICv2, retailer Reece’s Rare Comics reported a missing copy of Incredible Hulk #1 on Facebook, on August 12. The missing copy wasn’t too rare — the CBCS grade was 1.8, the lowest level of what is described as “Good.” However, it was signed in the interior by Stan Lee and may have been broken out of its plastic slab.

After hearing about the theft, retailer Terry O’Neill of Terry’s Old School Comics reported that a number of his comics were also stolen. Mostly also lower grade issues, mostly Golden Age issues of Action Comics and Adventure Comics. Both retailers noted the thefts most likely happened on August 12 at FanExpo, and have filed reports with the Rosemont Police Department. If you have any information on the thefts, you can call (847) 823-1134.

Will Fire And Ice Be A Superhero Schitt’s Creek?

Missing iconic sitcom Schitt’s Creek? Love superhero comics? Then according to an interview over at Popverse with writer Joanne Starer, you might want to pick up Fire and Ice: Welcome to Smallville.

The new DC Comics will hit stores on September 5 and send the former Justice League International team to smalltown, USA.

“I knew from the beginning that sending them to a small town would make Fire insane,” Starer told Popverse. “If you were to take these two characters and turn their whole lives upside down, you’d have to take them out their natural environment and their everyday situations.”

Guest-starring in the book are Jimmy Olsen, Lobo, Ambush Bug, and more. There’s no word yet whether Ice will sing “A Little Bit Ice” to the tune of “A Little Bit Alexis,” but stay tuned.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And I’ve been delivering this news in my underwear in front of the whole class.

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