Blue Beetle Hot For Collectors, Marjane Satrapi Done With Comics, Maria Llovet Goes To Image | Comic Book Club News For August 18, 2023

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On today’s Comic Book Club News, Blue Beetle is fetching top prices with collectors. Marjane Satrapi is done working on comics. And Maria Llovet heads to Image Comics.


Episode Transcript:

Blue Beetle is hot for collectors.

Persepolis creator done with comics.

Maria Llovet has a new Image Comics book.

This is Comic Book Club News for August 18, 2023.

Blue Beetle Sees Prices Spike Before Movie:

Good news for collectors slash Jaime Reyes fans: if you own a copy of the first appearance of the character as the Blue Beetle, you might be… Well, not rich, but richer.

As first reported by Popverse via COVRPrice, a service that tracks comic sales in the speculator market, Infinite Crisis #5 saw sales increase 152% in advance of the feature film, which is in theaters today. An excellent copy sold for $200, and a near-mint edition sold for $33.

Though Jaime Reyes was actually first introduced in Infinite Crisis #3, it wasn’t until issue five that he donned the scarab that gives him his powers. The 2005 series was written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Phil Jimenez, Jerry Ordway, and Ivan Reis. And chances are, both this first appearance and his solo book will be bumping up those charts over the next few weeks. Meaning that the price point quoted is about to be beat – blue beat. El.

Marjane Satrapi Will Never Make Comics Again:

Marjane Satrapi, the award-winning creator of Persepolis, is done with comics. Definitely, totally done.

In an interview with Publishers Weekly to discuss the twentieth anniversary of her seminal graphic novel, Satrapi said, quote: “Comics is good, and I’ve been making lots of drawings. But I will never make comics again. That chapter of my life is behind me. And I’ve always been like that—I’m like a car that you can’t pull back.”

The reason behind Satrapi’s exit from the medium that made her name is an interesting one: she became too successful, right out of the gate. “From the first comic I made, I got all this press and hoopla, hoopla,” Satrapi continued. “I made a couple more and it was the same. It’s something I know how to do. It’s not that I know a secret ingredient—I can’t give a formula to someone else. But it’s not challenging anymore because I know how to do it. My life is about the search, not getting comfortable. I like the chaos. I’m not going to live another 300 years. I have to explore everything I can before dying.”

As for what’s next for Satrapi? She’ll be continuing her film career, directing a movie about life in Paris. Here’s hoping that keeps challenging her, or it’s on to the next thing!

Image Comics Snags Maria Llovet:

Ba ba ba ba ba: I’m Llovet-ing it, as Image Comics has snagged the hot artist for her first book at the publisher.

Titled Crave, according to a release provided by Image Comics, the erotic thriller focuses on, “a mysterious app that promises to make your desires come true, spreads among the students of an elite university who use it as a hookup app. David, a top student, engages in a game of seduction with the unattainable Alexandra. But as requests to the app escalate and wreak havoc on campus, David and his friends’ only chance to stop this spiral is to find out what really lies behind CRAVE.”

Said Llovet on the book, quote: “Crave was born by reflecting on how we connect in the modern world; to what extent do we control how much we share, and how much others know about us, especially now that we are in the dawn of AI.”

As usual for the creator, whose work has previously included Faithless and The Sandman Universe: Thessaly Special, this book is for adults only. It will be released on Wednesday, November 29 in comic book shops everywhere.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And an interesting note, but a Crave Sack is a White Castle thing, even though we started with a McDonald’s joke. Really makes you think!

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