Wolverine Fights The Sabretooth War, Stranger Things Gets A New Series, Moon Girl Get A Graphic Novel, | Comic Book Club News For August 17, 2023

comic book club news august 17 2023 stranger things wolverine sabretooth war moon girl and devil dinosaur

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Wolverine is getting ready to fight the ten-part-long Sabretooth War over at Marvel comics. Meanwhile, Stranger Things is getting a new series at Dark Horse, and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur get their own graphic novel. All on today’s Comic Book Club News for August 17, 2023.


Episode Transcript:

Wolverine goes to war.

Stranger Things goes on a voyage.

Moon Girl gets a graphic novel.

This is Comic Book Club News for August 17, 2023.

Wolverine Launches The Sabretooth War In January:

Wolverine will once again battle Sabretooth in an upcoming Marvel epic titled, appropriately, The Sabretooth War.

Co-written by Benjamin Percy and Victor LaValle, the event will be drawn by Geoff Shaw and Cory Smith; with Smith illustrating the Wolverine led chapters, and Shaw illustrating the Sabreooth led chapters.

“Sabretooth is the definition of big bad — one of the nastiest, cruelest, scariest villains in the 616 and Wolverine’s greatest nemesis,” Percy explained via a release provided to Comic Book Club News. “Which is exactly why we haven’t allowed their stories to intersect — during this age of Krakoa — until now. The tension has built up painfully, and now these two savage titans are going to claw and slash their way into each other’s lives again in what will be the most violent Wolverine story in Marvel history.”

In the story, Wolverine comes up against not just Sabretooth, but a whole army of Sabretooths, with some of Wolverine’s loved ones caught in the crossfire.

The 10-part story will kick off in January’s Wolverine #41, run bi-monthly, and stretch all the way through Wolverine #50. Which, if the schedule sticks, should come out some time in May, 2024.

Dark Horse Announces Stranger Things: The Voyage:

Things are about to get a whole lot stranger at Dark Horse with the announcement of a brand new series set in the world of the hit Netflix show. Titled Stranger Things: The Voyage, the new miniseries will feature new characters and new settings never before seen on TV, or in the comics.

Michael Moreci, who previously wrote the well-regarded Stranger Things: Kamchatka, will reteam with artist Todor Hristov for the new series. The logline provided by Dark Horse Comics states:

“Captain Jacoby is too broke to reject a shady deal from a group of Russians looking to get from Alaska back home on his freighter ship The Persephone, but things don’t go as planned. Storms, demogorgons, strange doctors, and more all threaten the crew of The Persephone and their passage in this new series.”

The first issue of The Voyage will hit stores on November 1.

Moon Girl Gets A Graphic Novel:

In other publishing news, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur are getting their own graphic novel. Based on the Disney Channel series now streaming on Disney+, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: Wreck And Roll is written by Stephanie Williams, with art by Asia Simone.

According to ICv2, quote, “The original graphic novel pits Lunella Lafayette, who is training for roller derby, against a gang of thieves who do their dirty work on skates.”

The OGN will be released by Scholastic under its Graphix imprint on April 2, 2024. Previous graphic novels released by Scholastic and Marvel include Miles Morales: Shock Waves and Ms. Marvel: Stretched Thin.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And I do all my dirty work on skates.

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