New Comics This Week: Full Comics List For August 2, 2023

new comics this week full list august 2 2023

Love comic books? Us too! But it can be tough to keep track of what’s coming out on a weekly basis. With that in mind, we’re kicking off a weekly rundown of all the titles comic book publishers are releasing with a handy, simply put-together checklist of new comics this week that includes no frills, all chills. Or something.

This week, Marvel is kicking off their big Star Wars Dark Droids event with a one-shot issue teasing what to expect from the full line. Meanwhile, Fall of X continues in the X-Men books, and if you can believe it, other titles are being released, too!

DC Comics is now in month two of the Knight Terrors event, which finds a new villain named Insomnia attacking the DCU. And if you love nightmares, there’s an essential Sandman one-shot dropping focusing on everyone’s favorite jerk witch.

Elsewhere, Image Comics has a new book from Rick Remender that is sure to break your heart, Dark Horse continues the oddly pedestrian life of Christopher Chaos, IDW’s Star Trek event Day of Blood continues, and much more.

Looking for previous lists? This is the first time we’re doing this, so there aren’t any. But in the future, you’ll be able to check out our New Comics This Week archive for back-lists of comics, so you can get caught up quickly.

Read on for the full list of new comics this week from Marvel, DC Comics, Image Comics, and beyond:

New Marvel Comics This Week:

  • The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (2023)
  • Astonishing Iceman #1
  • Death of the Venom-Verse #1
  • Doctor Strange #6
  • Fantastic Four #10
  • Magneto #1
  • Moon Knight #26
  • Scarlet Witch #7
  • Strange Academy: Miles Morales #1
  • Star Wars: Dark Droids #1
  • Star Wars: Yoda #10
  • Warlock Rebirth #5
  • What If…? Dark Venom #1
  • X-Men #25
new comics this week - x-men 25

New DC Comics This Week (Out August 1):

  • Scooby-Doo: Where Are You? #123
  • The Sandman Universe: Thessaly Special #1
  • Steelworks #3
  • Knight Terrors: Ravager #2
  • Knight Terrors: The Joker #2
  • Peacemaker Tries Hard #4
  • Knight Terrors: Batman #2
  • Adventures of Jon Kent: Superman #6
  • City Boy #3
  • Knight Terrors: Black Adam #2
  • Justice Society of America #5
  • Knight Terrors: Poison Ivy #2

Image Comics:

  • Black Cloak #6
  • Classwar
  • Hey Kids! Comics, Vol 3 #5
  • Junk Rabbit #5
  • Love Everlasting #10
  • Paklis #7
  • Quest #1
  • Sacrificers #1
  • Spawn #344
  • Time Before Time, Vol. 4
  • The Walking Dead Deluxe #68
new comics this week - the walking dead deluxe 68

Dark Horse Comics:

  • Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1957 – From Below
  • Order and Outrage #4
  • Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories #7
  • The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos #2

IDW Publishing:

  • Beauty of Horror Tarot Coloring Book SC
  • Dark Spaces: Good Deeds #3
  • My Little Pony #15
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Dog of War #5
  • Star Trek: Defiant #6
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin – The Lost Years #5
  • Trve Kvlt TP

Dynamite Entertainment:

  • Fire And Ice #1
  • Gargoyles #8

BOOM! Studios:

  • Buffy the Last Vampire Slayer #1
  • Fence: Redemption #3
  • Grim #12
  • Once Upon a Time at the End of the World #8

Archie Comics:

  • Archie 1000 Page Comics Prestige
  • Betty and Veronica Jumbo Comics

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