Podcast Addict Users: How To Fix Podcast Listening Issues

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Thanks to one of our intrepid listeners, we were alerted to a weird issue with one of the more popular Android podcast players, Podcast Addict. If you are noticing anything strange — specifically that you can normally check the time accurately on our podcasts — we’ve got two easy solutions:

  1. Download the episodes, vs listening online. Easy!
  2. If you prefer to listen online/over wi-fi, then it’s slightly more complicated but still pretty simple. As long as you have Podcast Addict v4.6 or above, all you need to do is: Go to settings/player/audio/player engine and select “ExoPlayer”. You can actually set this by podcast, so it shouldn’t screw up all your settings.

Either way, that should solve the issue. You can check out more on the Podcast Addict help site. And if you have issues with any apps or access to episodes, let us know, we’re happy to help.

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