Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart Is America’s Greatest Observational Comic

Lili Reinhart Stand-Up Comedy

Lili Reinhart is many things. She’s Betty Cooper, a determined detective with a dark side, on The CW’s hit Riverdale. She may be a secret twin, according to the internet (she’s not). And if you’ve spent any time on her Twitter account, you know she’s America’s greatest observational comedian.

Many of Riverdale‘s awesome cast use their social media platforms to talk about the show, chat with fans, or plug their latest projects. Madelaine Petsch, who plays Cheryl Blossom, has a regular vlog show where she hangs out with fellow cast-members and jokes around. Marisol Nichols, who plays Hermione Lodge, can’t stop gushing about the show and posting behind the scenes pictures.

Meanwhile, Reinhart is over here making pithy, relatable comments about alone time:

“Having alone time is valuable for when you decide to scroll through sad Reddit posts and cry on the couch while also binge watching Orange is the New Black,” Reinhart “joked,” proving that stars – they’re just like us.

In case you don’t believe us, take a look at the posts Reinhart threw online just yesterday:

Can someone please give this girl a tight five at the Comedy Cellar? At the very least, if they ever decide to reboot Seinfeld she’s a shoe-in for the lead role.

Granted, this next one seems a little “motivational poster,” but we’ll forgive her; they can’t all be gold:

It’s still pretty good, though.

The interesting part is that Reinhart’s feed isn’t restricted to non-stop quips… She’s also a huge voice in favor of body positivity, and open to talking about her own issues. So if you’re looking for a good follow, come for the jokes, stay for the powerful messages that are helping young women cope with the challenges of growing up in a society that pre-judges them based on how their genetics shape their bodies.

But also, jokes:

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