‘Iron Fist’: The First Season Two Trailer Is Here To Harness Your Chi

Iron Fist Season 2 trailer

To say fans were rougher on Marvel and Netflix’s Iron Fist than Danny Rand (Finn Jones) is on ninjas is… An understatement. Even though it performed well on Netflix, the show was critically savaged. But with some behind the scenes changes and cast additions, fans may want to give Mr. Rand a second chance. And good news, if so! As just revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, the Iron Fist Season 2 trailer is here!

They also revealed the release date for the show: September 7. So go away for Labor Day, and then come back and watch 13 hours of kung fu action.

In case you did skip the first season (and we kind of can’t blame you), here’s what you missed. Danny Rand was lost on a snowy mountain as a child before wandering into the mystical realm of K’un-lun. There, he was trained to be the Immortal Iron Fist. The Iron Fist is one of a long line of warriors, sworn to protect K’un-lun.

Over the course of the first season, Danny teamed up with — and fell in love with — former Hand operative Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick). He also helped take back his company from the Meachum family, former friends who had been using the Rand Corporation for their own, nefarious purposes.

The season ended with Colleen and Danny heading back to K’un-lun… Only to find the gateway had been shut, and dead Hand ninjas were littered all over the ground. Since then, though, Danny appeared on The Defenders, which seemed to finish up the Hand storyline (on Earth, at least). He also turned up for a surprisingly fun episode of Luke Cage Season 2, though that was more about Luke (Mike Colter) than Danny.

Season 2, as mentioned, (and as teased in the Iron Fist season 2 trailer) brings some changes. Most significantly Scott Buck, the Season 1 showrunner (and the man behind the similarly maligned Inhumans) has left the show, replaced by Raven Metzner. Metzner was previously showrunner on Clue and Six Degrees, and has written/produced on Falling SkiesSleepy Hollow, and Heroes Reborn. Also he kicked off his career writing the Elektra movie, so your mileage may vary here.

That said, Alice Eve is joining the cast as the villainous Typhoid Mary, and she’s always great in everything. And even better news, Simone Missick is moving Misty Knight from Luke Cage to Iron Fist, which means we’ll get more Daughters of the Dragon team-ups between her and Colleen. If Danny dies during episode one and this turns into a stealth Daughters of the Dragon show? I would not be mad.

Anyway, watch the footage, and anticipate getting very drunk when you play the “drink every time Danny says the word Chi” drinking game.

Watch the Iron Fist season 2 trailer here:

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