When Does American Gods Season 2 Start? Everything You Need To Know

When Does American Gods Season 2 Start

After what (publicly) seemed like a few fits and starts, American Gods is finally in production for Season 2. Hooray! That means the Starz adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel will continue, which is good news — particularly because Season 1 only adapted one third of the book.

There’s still a ways to go until you can watch the second season, though. And until that happens, you might have a few questions/need reminders about what came before (good thing we’ve got an American Gods podcast, then).

Here’s everything you need to know about American Gods Season 2 — and a few reminders about Season 1.

When does American Gods Season 2 start?

The first season premiered on April 30, 2017 and ran for eight episodes. The second season just started filming, and won’t premiere until 2019. Given Season 2 will deal (mostly) with entirely new sets and settings, the usual shorter lag time between seasons doesn’t count here.

There’s also been a fair amount of behind the scene turmoil. Show creators Bryan Fuller and Michael Green left the series, and were eventually replaced by Jesse Alexander and Neil Gaiman (who was promoted to co-showrunner). Gillian Anderson and Kristin Chenoweth are also not returning, with the former replaced by a new character and actor.

Point being, where we could normally drop some math about when the show will return based on production schedules, right now… It’s complicated. At this point Spring of 2019 seems like a good guess, but we don’t know for sure.

What is the House on the Rock?

It’s a real tourist attraction based in Spring Green, Wisconsin. It’s also a major location in Season 2, and in the book the show is based on. Basically, it’s a central location with power because of all the pent up “worship” lauded on it by tourists. It’s also a place where the New Gods and the Old Gods on the show will meet to either form a peace… Or start a war.

Is there an American Gods trailer?

Sort of! Since they just started filming, there’s only a short kick-off video available from House on the Rock. But it’s something!

What network is American Gods on?

Starz! In case you don’t get Starz through your cable subscription (it’s a premium network), you can also get it through Amazon Prime Video or Hulu.

Who are the American Gods actors?

It’s a big cast, you guys! But the main players are:

– Rickey Whittle as Shadow Moon
– Emily Browning as Laura Moon
– Crispin Glover as Mr. World
– Bruce Langley as Technical Boy
– Yetide Badaki as Bilquis
– Pablo Schreiber as Mad Sweeney
– Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday

What can you tell me about Jonathan Tucker on American Gods?

Hmmm you sure you want to know? Tucker is a familiar face on TV, most recently popping up in a recurring role on Westworld. In Season 1 of American Gods, he was a friend of Shadow Moon’s from prison named Low Key Lyesmith. Read that out loud. You’ll figure it out.

How about American Gods‘ Audrey?

She’s played by Betty Gilpin, who has since gone on to star on Netflix’s hit GLOW (which also stars Kimmy Gatewood, who did the theme song for our comic book podcast!). She was a brief stand-out in Season 1, but there’s no particular reason for her to show up in Season 2. We’ll see, though!

And Crispin Glover’s American Gods role?

He’s the big bad, sort of. Mr. World wants technology, a.k.a. our new gods, to rule. He wants the old gods to go away. And he wants a major cataclysm at the same time. He’s not a good guy.

Is there an American Gods episode guide?

Have you heard of this thing called Wikipedia? It’s pretty cool! But if you want to dive deeper, there is a dedicated American Gods wiki, with a great episode guide.

Hey, is that Lincoln from The 100?

Sure is! He didn’t leave the show under the best of circumstances — and in fact Whittle has essentially implied he was forced out. But the guy who plays Shadow Moon was previously best known for playing soulful Grounder Lincoln from The CW’s The 100.

Can I watch American Gods Episode 1 online free?

Right now the entire series is free if you have a Starz subscription, with Starz On Demand. You can also watch it through DirecTV, though otherwise Episode 1 is available for purchase.

Is American Gods streaming? Where can I watch American Gods?

Other than Starz and DirecTV, episodes are available on iTunes and Amazon Prime Video. You can also buy a DVD/Blu-ray collection at finer stores everywhere!

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American Godcast: The American Gods Podcast
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