How You Know Lily Rabe, Syd’s Mother On ‘Legion’

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If you were watching LegionChapter 12” and scratching your head, wondering how you recognized Syd’s (Rachel Keller) Mom, there’s a good reason: she was played by award-winning actress Lily Rabe.

In case you missed the episode, *massive spoilers* beyond this point.

Trapped inside the space between her mind and David’s (Dan Stevens), Syd forces her BF to relive her entire life over and over, in order to teach him an important lesson: don’t feel settled in our relationship, big fella.

Along the way, though, we meet Syd’s mother. The loop starts at birth, weaves through Syd’s mom’s seemingly nurturing upbringing, and ending with Syd switching bodies with her mother so she can get in the shower with her mom’s boyfriend. It’s an innocent moment on the surface, as Syd seems to want to push how far she can go; and as a thirteen year-old girl, is interested in a hot naked guy in her house. But it turns incredibly dark when the boyfriend takes advantage of Syd in Syd’s mom’s body (unknowingly), and effectively deflowers her.


Anyway, Syd’s mom kicks the guy out, gets him arrested, and we don’t see her again in the episode. So, fate unknown. Adding to the weird mystery, Legion hid both the appearance of Syd’s mom and the identity of the actress from any press materials prior to the episode. So who is she?

Here’s How You Know Lily Rabe

If you’re a fan of FX shows, you probably know Lily Rabe best for appearing on six seasons of American Horror Story. Most notably, she appeared as a main player on the Coven, Asylum and Roanoke seasons.

She also starred on the short lived ABC show The Whispers, as well as HBO’s recent The Wizard of Lies. For fans of theater, she’s even better known: she’s been nominated for a Tony and two Drama Desk Awards for her work.

There’s another reason fans of Legion might recognize her, though…

Lily Rabe And Hamish Linklater

Funnily enough, you might not recognize Hamish Linklater because he’s been covered with burn makeup since the beginning of Season 1. Yeah, that’s Clark, the guy with the cane and the limp who likes ice cream and soap operas and antagonizing David.

He’s also been in a relationship with Lily Rabe since 2013, and the two have a child together. When fans saw Rabe on the Legion premiere carpet, they were initially confused. Then they found out about the relationship, and thought that’s why she was there. Guess what, that’s just one of the reasons why she was there! Got you so bad!

How About The Other Syds?

Hey, while you’re here, want to know about the other young Syds in the episode? Sure you do!

6 Year Old Syd was played by Audrey Lynn, who appeared earlier this year on Jane the Virgin as “Small Child.” Corner that market, kid!

Young Syd was played by Violet Hicks, who appeared briefly back in “Chapter 10.” She’s also been on Empire, GLOW, Grey’s Anatomy and more.

Teen Syd was played by Pearl Amanda Dickson. She’s appeared in a few short films, and an episode of Criminal Minds.

Will We See Lily Rabe As Syd’s Mom Again?

Good question. Seems like there’s some unfinished business there, wouldn’t you say?

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