First Nerdist Channel Show Is LIVE! Watch Now!

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Our first Nerdist Channel show is now LIVE ON THE INTERNET YOU GUYS. It features guests Joe Kelly (Man of Action) and Judah Friedlander (30 Rock). It’s a TV length episode, and it is AWESOME (though we’re a little biased):

Anyway, watch, enjoy, and please head over to the Nerdist Channel on YouTube to subscribe, comment, and generally be excellent to each other. MUCH more to come…

4 thoughts on “First Nerdist Channel Show Is LIVE! Watch Now!

  1. Are the new shows going to be 20 minutes long from now on? You really remove all of the discussion parts that I found to be the most interesting parts of the shows. Cutting 40 minutes from a show is alot.

    1. Not 100% sure, as we’re still figuring it all out! However, even if we do keep the video show at 20 minutes, we’re still posting the full, hour length audio podcast as well! Options!

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