DC Comic Creators Visit Superman Set, Marv Wolfman Turns 78, Greg Land Seemingly Draws Six Fingers On X-Factor | Comic Book Club News For May 13, 2024

Comic Book Club News May 13 2024

DC Comics creators visited the set of James Gunn’s Superman. Marv Wolfman turns 78 years old today. Greg Land seemingly draws six fingers on the cover of X-Factor. All on Comic Book Club News for May 13, 2024.


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Episode Transcript:

DC Comics creators visit Superman set.

Marv Wolfman turns 78 years old today.

Did Greg Land draw six fingers on an X-Factor cover?

This is Comic Book Club News for May 13, 2024.

DC Comics Creators Visited The Set Of James Gunn’s Superman:

Usually on this podcast we like to restrict coverage to straight comic book news. But this particular item is too neat to ignore: James Gunn invited a cadre of DC Comics writers and creators to the set of the currently filming Superman.

Gunn posted a group pic with everyone wearing Superman logo shirts — except for the writer/director himself — with the caption, “Great day with some comic book titans visiting the Superman set. So many of my heroes all at once it was really overwhelming.”

Those titans included Frank Quitely, Jim Lee, Angelo Exarhkios, Kevin Maguire, Carrie Williams, Scott Snyder, Josh Williamson, John Ostrander, Anne DePies, Jerry Ordway, Christina Merkler, Cameron Merkler, Dan Jurgens, and Jason Aaron.

Of note, Jason Aaron – who is awesome, mind you – has only recently written his first three Superman comics. So kudos to the creator for sneaking his way in there, hopefully this means there’s more Superman from him to come.

Marv Wolfman Turns 78 Years Old:

Happy birthday to Brooklyn’s own Marv Wolfman! The iconic creator turns 78 years old today.

Wolfman, if you don’t know, is the co-creator of Blade, though he’s probably better known for New Teen Titans and Crisis on Infinite Earths, both with George Peréz.

In recent years, he wrote an episode of The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover on TV. Last year, he returned to Tomb of Dracula, the book that spawned Blade, for What If…? Dark: Tomb of Dracula. And as detailed on this very podcast, just a month ago he penned a heartwarming tribute to Dick Grayson — and the late Peréz — in the 300th issue of Nightwing.

Once again, happy birthday, Wolfman! Awoo!

Greg Land Seemingly Draws Six Fingers On The Cover Of X-Factor:

Artist Greg Land has perenially been accused of tracing, the practice where you, well, trace a real person’s face and body, and turn them into comic book art. But something seemingly went wrong with the cover of X-Factor #1, where it looks like Angel has six fingers.

Rather than a stealthy plug for the currently running Image Comics series The Six Fingers, this instead seems to be a weird error in tracing the classic Uncle Sam pose. Naturally, it led to a number of jokes about Land using AI online, given the seeming extra finger.

However, a close inspection shows that it is pretty much a one-to-one of the Uncle Sam poster, just with an errant inking line on the bottom of the hand where it’s merely a shadow in the original.

Or perhaps it’s not a mistake at all. As writer Mark Russell joked on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter: “I was actually pushing for seven fingers. Editorial cut me off at six.”

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. It was actually one hand, not six fingers. That’s an Image Comics joke!

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