Marvel’s ‘Exceptional X-Men’ Reveals First Issue Cover, More Details

Exceptional X-Men #1 cover header

Marvel‘s new era of X-Men is edging ever closer to release this summer with the finale of the Krakoa Era in X-Men #35, followed by July’s X-Men, and August’s Uncanny X-Men. And now we’re getting a bit more info — and a look at the first issue cover — for the third of those series, September’s Exceptional X-Men.

Written by Eve L. Ewing with art by Carmen Carnero, the book will star Kitty Pryde and Emma Frost as they train a new generation of mutants. Or, at least, three of them.

“Longtime fans of Kitty Pryde can count on the kinds of adventures you expect from her as a classic favorite, while I hope new and old readers alike will get to love this all-new team of young mutants,” Ewing shared via a press release provided by Marvel. “Kitty, the one-time kid sister figure of the X-Men, has to reckon with her own memories—good and bad—of being a child of Xavier as she navigates a role as leader and mentor for a new generation of mutants who are trying to make their way in a time of crisis.”

After the events of X-Men #35 — and as teased in previous issues of the series — Kitty has left the X-Men behind and is working as a bartender in Chicago. Unfortunately for her, she ends up running into three all-new mutants: Bronze, who is metallic and wields a whip; Axo, who seems to have some sort of emotion-based powers; and Melee, who is skilled in fighting stealthily.

“Regarding the young mutants, I think the whole team fell in love with all three of them,” Carnero added. “I love that they are such opposites. Eve had very clear personalities, hobbies, musical tastes, how they feel… And when it came to designing them, it all developed naturally, and the whole team had a clear vision of what their final looks would be. I can’t wait for readers to meet them.”

There’s one more character along for the ride, and that’s Emma Frost, aka the White Queen. If you’ve read, oh, any X-Men comic, you know these two don’t exactly see eye-to-eye. But they’re both good teachers, so it’s up to them to train these new mutants before they become total hellions. You saw what I did there.

The new book will hit stores on September 4, 2024. But you can check out the cover to the first issue, below:

Exceptional X-Men #1 cover

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