Peter Milligan Gets Profane For BOOM!, Wolverine And X-Factor Get Teased, Batman Gets A New Costume | Comic Book Club News For May 7, 2024

Comic Book Club News May 7 2024

Peter Milligan is launching a new mystery series, Profane, for BOOM! Studios. Wolverine and X-Factor are the next X-Men titles from Marvel. Batman gets a new costume in the latest issue of his title. All on Comic Book Club News for May 7, 2024.


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Episode Transcript:

Peter Milligan gets profane for BOOM!

Wolverine and X-Factor get teased.

Batman gets a new costume.

This is Comic Book Club News for May 7, 2024.

Peter Milligan Launches Profane, New Mystery Series, For BOOM!:

Peter Milligan, probably best known for his run on Hellblazer, is getting downright profane for BOOM! Studios, with a new series appropriately titled Profane.

Featuring art by Raül Fernandez, the book focuses on a detective named Will Profane, who is used to solving crime on the streets of LA. However, his latest case keeps leading him back to a “world-famous crime novelist lying at the center of this mystery–and dangerous truths about Profane’s own life.”

Given BOOM! says this book “treads the precarious razor’s edge between reality and fiction,” you can certainly make some speculations about where this is going. The main cover for the series is by Javier Rodriguez, and variant covers for the series will be provided by Mike Deodato, Marguerite Sauvage and more.

The first issue hits stores on June 5, 2024.

Wolverine And X-Factor Get Teased By Marvel:

Marvel continues to dole information on X-Men on a near daily basis, and we continue to cover it here on the podcast on a daily basis, so, mission accomplished, Marvel.

Today, the new teases are for X-Factor and Wolverine. X-Factor will debut in August, and has the tagline, “Officially sanctioned to protect a world that hates and fears” — with the hates and fears crossed out, and replaced by “loves and adores them.” It will be interesting to see if this is a celebrity riff, a la X-Statix, which was itself an extension of X-Force.

Meanwhile, the new Wolverine premieres in September, and that book’s tagline is, “He’d kill for some alone time, but the fight always finds him. It’s in his bones.” That’s obviously a pun about Adamantium, which is in his, you know, bones. Given the rest of the tease, one wonders if we’ll finally get a comic where Logan is hanging out a bar, and just wants to be left alone, but then some guys try to fight him and he has to pop his claws. That would be interesting, has that ever happened before?

While neither title has an announced creative team yet, you can expect that info on that later this week. And I guess we’ll cover it! Sigh.

Batman Gets A New Costume:

In news that’s sure to break the internet, Batman gets a new costume in Batman #147. This marks the first time ever Batman has gotten a new costume, and–

Just kidding. But this one should be an interesting one for fans, as it’s a costume Bruce Wayne makes out of scraps in a shack he used to visit back when he was younger. He’s creating the costume to try and fight back against Failsafe, the evil robot that’s been taken over by the Batman of Zur en Arrh, which presumably will happen next issue. And given the scrappy way the costume came together, it’s a mix of grey plates and black, closer to, say, Iron Man’s original armor than your typical Batsuit.

Will this suit stick around? Will it become a fan favorite? Or was I really reaching for a third news story today? Only time will tell!

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And yeah, I was reaching.

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