DC Comics July 2024 Solicit Highlights | Comic Book Club News For April 22, 2024

Comic Book Club News April 22 2024 dc comics july solicits

On today’s episode of Comic Book Club News, we’re taking a look at some of the highlights from DC Comics July 2024 solicits.


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Episode Transcript:

Today we’re taking a look through the highlights from DC Comics solicits for July 2024, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and more!

This is Comic Book Club News for April 22, 2024.

DC Comics July 2024 Solicit Highlights:

They say that absolute power corrupts absolutely. But it’s also a comic book crossover from DC Comics! Mixing threads from Batman, Superman, and Suicide Squad into a heady stew, Amanda Waller teams up this month with the Batman of Zur en Arrh and the Brainiac Queen to strip every hero in the DC Universe of their powers. Oh no! That only leaves 35 Batman characters and 86 archery-themed characters to stop them! What shall they do?

More seriously, the event is teased in a Free Comic Book Day issue on May 4, but kicks off in earnest in Absolute Power: Ground Zero, before spinning out into the main series — both written by Mark Waid — as well as spinoffs like Absolute Power: Task Force VII which will release bi-weekly and focus on different bad guys, and Absolute Power: Origins, which was the book writer John Ridley teased to us a few months back on the Comic Book Club Live podcast, and will tell the origin of Amanda Waller.

Meanwhile, the event also spills over into ongoing series like Superman, Wonder Woman, and the milestone Batman #150 — though in that issue it’s relegated to a backup story. The main story? A two-bit crook discovers Batman’s secret identity, possibly leading to the reveal that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Sorry, spoiler.

In Non-Absolute Power news, James Tynion IV and Álvaro Martínez Bueno return to the world they created in The Nice House On The Lake with the new series The Nice House By The Sea, which will feature all-new characters dealing with a horrifying apocalypse. Though not confirmed, my guess is the third series will be titled The Nice House Adjacent To The Fjord.

DC will also release Joker: The World this month, which will feature stories from multiple international teams about the clown prince of crime. Perhaps the highlight here is Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok are rumored to put a capper on their whole “Three Jokers” storyline with this story. As Chip Zdarsky is also playing with that in the ongoing Batman series, we’ll see how well that rumor pans out.

As previously reported on the podcast, From the DC Vault: Death in the Family: Robin Lives! continues on the story of what if you jerks hadn’t phoned in to kill Jason Todd back in the day. And both Dark Knights of Steel, a medieval take on the DCU, and Gotham by Gaslight, featuring vampire Batman continue, from new creative teams. And The Penguin #12 brings about the end of the series by Tom King and Rafael De Latorre, as the series finally catches up to the scene from issue one where Oswald and Bruce are sinking in the Batplane.

Sinister Sons #6 also seems to be the final issue of that comic. And last but definitely not least, Gail Simone and Eddy Barrows take over the main story in Action Comics, while Rainbow Rowell and Cian Tormey tackle a backup story about Lois Lane.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And I’m beginning to think Bruce Wayne might be Batman?

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