Rainbow Rowell Makes DC Debut With Lois Lane Backup Story

Lois Lane Action Comics By Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow Rowell is currently writing the best romance book on the stands over at Marvel with Sensational She-Hulk. And now the best-selling author is bringing her magic touch to DC Comics for a three-part backup story all about Lois Lane.

“As a former newspaper reporter, I’ve always had a soft spot for Daily Planet stories,” Rowell said via press release provided to Comic Book Club. “I love that Clark Kent is Superman and also a working journalist—and that it isn’t just dusty backstory. It’s a real facet of his character. I love that Clark met Lois in the newsroom, and that they still work there together. (This is so realistic, I swear.) I really like it when comic book romances last…There’s a lot of story to tell after two people say yes to each other. So—even though I was a little nervous about diving into the DC Universe—I couldn’t resist the chance to write a love story that is also a newsroom story, and still a superhero story.”

The story will feature art by Cian Tormey, and run in the back of the just-announced Action Comics run by Gail Simone and Eddy Barrows. The arc will kick off in the July-debuting Action Comics #1067, and run through September’s Action Comics #1069.

“The story that Rainbow and I are telling is about Lois finding her strength, with Clark supporting her as she becomes stronger in her convictions,” added Tormey. “He sees her finding her courage in a new role, her sense of responsibility for everyone—a gentle reminder for Clark of how far he has come, and how far all of us who are not blessed with superpowers can go when faced with adversity.”

“I’ve just seen the first of Cian Tormey’s pages, and I think people are going to adore his take on Lois and Clark,” continued Rowell. “Cian’s work has a timeless quality that’s perfect for this relationship.”

Check out a variant cover for Action Comics #1067 focusing on Lois Lane, below:

Action Comics #1067 variant cover (1:25) by Pablo Villalobos
Action Comics #1067 variant cover (1:25) by Pablo Villalobos

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