Jason Aaron Heads Back To Marvel For ‘Namor’ Series

Namor #1 cover cropped

Jason Aaron has been all over the place as of late. An arc on Action Comics for DC. Taking over Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for IDW. A BZRZKR one-shot for BOOM! And now, Aaron is headed back home to Marvel — and to the high seas — with an eight-issue series about everyone’s favorite jerk undersea king, Namor.

Written by Aaron, with art by Paul Davidson and Alex Lins, Marvel teases, “The eight-issue epic will forever reshape the seas and bare the dark history of Atlantis and its fiercest, most infamous defender.”

Given Aaron has crafted character-defining runs on Punisher, Thor, and even The Avengers as a whole, we’d expect nothing less. And judging by the main cover for the series, it looks like Namor is in pretty bad shape in a human hospital. Sounds weird when I write it that way, but as a Half-Atlantean king of the seas, if you’re in a surface hospital, it’s a human hospital. Deal with it.

Per Marvel’s solicit text for the book, we know that at least the first issue is titled “Last King of Atlantis,” and comes with a main cover by Alexander Lozano, with variant covers by Elizabeth Torque, Joshua Cassara, and Alex Maleev.

Here’s the full solicit text for the 40-page book, which is priced at $4.99:

“War rages beneath the waves, from the lost cities of the Secret Seas to the fathomless depths where the Elder Whales reign. Seven kings, old and new, fight to rule the watery realm. But where is Namor, the once mighty Sub-Mariner? He’s sitting behind bars on the surface, with no intention of ever setting foot in the seas again. So begins an oversized Atlantean event that will forever reshape the landscape of the undersea world while at last laying bare the dark history of Atlantis and its fiercest, most infamous defender. An epic that will redefine the King of the Seas in the manner of Jason Aaron’s PUNISHER series!”

The first issue will hit July 17, but you can check out three covers from the book below:

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