Chris Claremont Revisits X-Men Outback Era, Mark Millar Announces Two Books, Werewolf By Night Returns In Red Band Series | Comic Book Club News For April 17, 2024

Comic Book Club News April 17 2024

Chris Claremont is revisiting the X-Men’s Australian outback era for a new miniseries. Mark Millar announces two new books for Dark Horse. Werewolf By Night returns in new Red Band series. All on Comic Book Club News for April 17, 2024.


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Episode Transcript:

Claremont heads back to the Outback.

Mark Millar announces two new books.

Werewolf By Night returns in Red Band series.

This is Comic Book Club News for April 17, 2024.

Chris Claremont Revisits X-Men Australian Outback Era In New Miniseries:

Crikey! Chris Claremont is headed back to the Australian outback for a new miniseries set during one of the X-Men’s most beloved eras. Titled Wolverine: Deep Cut, the mini will focus on where Wolverine went while the rest of the team was being attacked by the Reavers back in the day.

Said editor Mark Basso via a press release provided to Comic Book Club: “One of the amazing things about Chris Claremont’s work is how rich and multi-layered his X-Men stories have always been. In Uncanny X-Men #246, he had to move Wolverine off-stage to get to the plethora of other characters and plotlines he had going. DEEP CUT is going to finally step back and show what there just wasn’t time or space to show of Wolverine before he returned in #251, and make good on that title in all senses of the word! And, in true Marvel fashion, the story here will stand completely on its own, so if you have no idea what those plots entailed, rest assured you’ve got a complete adventure in this series.”

The new series reteams Claremont with artist Edgar Salazar, and pits Wolverine against Sabretooth. The first of four issues will hit stores on July 3.

Mark Millar Announces Two New Books Through Dark Horse Comics:

Yesterday, we brought you the news that Mark Millar was idly considering writing his own Superman comics once the character enters the public domain, despite him essentially not being able to do that. Now, news of two comics he can actually release: Night Club 2, and Prodigy: Slaves of Mars.

Both books are sequels to previous series released via his Millarworld label, now through Dark Horse Comics. The former is a book about vampire superheroes. The latter is about the smartest man in the world trying to solve the murder of his father, and how it ties to a mysterious NASA program.

Said Millar via press release: “We kicked this range of Dark Horse books off with Nemesis: Rogues Gallery and now we’re ramping up a gear with TWO big launches this month. Prodigy is my favourite character I’ve ever created. A combo of Sherlock Holmes, Bruce Wayne and Indiana Jones just lets me tell a million different stories and we’re all really excited about this one. The first Night Club series went down great last year and I’m keen to see what people make of the sequel. The whole run of books from Dark Horse is something we think is really special and it’s off to a great start.”

Prodigy: Slaves of Mars hits stores on August 7, and Night Club 2 on August 21.

Werewolf By Night Returns In Red Band Series:

Red Band series! It’s all the rage at Marvel thanks to the upcoming mature readers Red Band editions of the vampire-themed Blood Hunt. And now another title is getting in on the action: Werewolf By Night.

Appropriately spinning out of the Blood Hunt one-shot tie-in, the new ongoing series will be written by Jason Loo with art by Sergio Dávila. It will follow Jack Russell, which I always forget is the hilarious name for Werewolf By Night, as he goes on bloody, adults-only adventures.

Said Loo via press release: “I give Jack Russell a taste of the life he wants before the Blood Hunt event rips it away and leaves blood on his hands. His new journey is to find redemption while figuring out his new lycanthropic transformation. No one is safe when the full moon is out. But luckily, Elsa Bloodstone is around to keep him in check.”

Versus Blood Hunt, it seems this title will only be released in a Red Band edition. So get out of here, kids! These are adult comic book werewolf adventures! The new book will hit stores on August 14.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And you know, I’m really embarrassed about that “crikey” earlier, sorry about that.

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