IDW Sees Layoffs, Scott Dunbier Starts New Publisher, Oni Announces Hires And Promotions | Comic Book Club News For April 9, 2024

comic book club news april 9 2024

IDW has laid off multiple employees. Former IDW employee Scott Dunbier is starting a new comic book publisher. Oni Press has hired two people, meanwhile, and promoted one. All on Comic Book Club News for April 9, 2024.


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Episode Transcript:

IDW sees layoffs.

IDW’s Scott Dunbier starts new comic book publisher.

Oni announces new hires and promotions.

This is Comic Book Club News for April 9, 2024.

IDW Lays Off COO, Others:

Despite good news for IDW in the form of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ resurgent sales dominance, the publisher has been hit with multiple layoffs.

The news was reported by ICv2, with the layoffs impacting two editors, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Amber Huerta, and two others. One of the editors listed was Kristen Simon, who managed the publisher’s original graphic novels, collected editions and new initiatives. The latter is particularly surprising as collected editions like TMNT: The Last Ronin have been making waves in bookstore sales over the past year.

This is in addition to the company losing Special Projects Editor Scott Dunbier, who left the company before the layoffs began — and more on him in a second.

This isn’t the first time IDW has been hit by restructuring in the past few years. And despite seeing improvements in the fiscal quarter ending last October, the company lost $4.9 million over the course of the fiscal year. More on this as it develops.

Scott Dunbier Starting New Comic Book Publisher:

Hey, more developed! Since Dunbier left IDW last week, the comic book industry has been abuzz with what he would do next. Against all reason, it seems to be “starting a comic book company.”

Dunbier announced this news in a Facebook post, saying: “First, let me once again thank everyone for the incredible support I have received since announcing I would be leaving IDW Publishing after 16 years. It was a tough choice, in the past 29 years I have had two jobs, first at WildStorm Productions (later DC/WildStorm), and then at IDW. I do not make changes like this lightly.

A couple of things I would like to say. Leaving IDW was my decision alone. I will always have a soft spot for the company that has been my home for so long. I will miss most of my former co-workers a great deal. The work they do is outstanding, and I care enormously for them. But it was time to go.

As of today, I am excited for the future. I have decided to do something that may be a bit crazy, I will be starting my own publishing company. I will not yet speak directly about my publishing plans, or even divulge the name of my company. In the weeks to come I will be filing paperwork to create it and I will periodically update via social media. My goal is to announce my first books, assuming things go as planned, at San Diego Comic-Con in July.”

So there you go! After seeing how profitable things could get at IDW, he’s decided to… Man, I don’t know. Anyway, good luck Dunbier! You’re gonna need it.

Oni Press Has Hired Two People, Promoted One:

While IDW is seeing contractions, Oni Press is seeing expansion. As announced by the publisher, they made two key hires last week, and one promotion.

First up, previously from Vault Comics, Daniel Crary joins Oni Press as the company’s incoming Director of Marketing & Communications. Next, Matt Dryer joins as editor, previously from Dark Horse, and will assist EIC Sarah Hahn in spearheading the new EC line of comics.

And on the promotions front, Katie Sainz, formerly Director of Marketing for Oni and Lion Forge, will now be Director of Sales, Book Market.

Congrats to all!

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. Tomorrow, maybe less business stories! We’ll see!

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