Deadpool #1 Review: The Sad Guy With A Mouth

Deadpool #1 review

Read our review of Deadpool #1 from Marvel Comics, written by Cody Ziglar with art by Rogê Antônio as the merc with a mouth is back.

We reviewed the book on the Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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Deadpool #1 Review:

In the first issue of this new series, Deadpool is back in action with his trusty Carnage dog by his side, ready to get over his recent breakup. Enter Death’s Grip, a new villain who is going to make things tough for him.

Host Pete LePage kicked things off as the resident Deadpool fan, stating he was “super happy about this. I thought it was a solid number one.” In particular, LePage liked the art, the return of Deadpool’s monster dog, and emotionally how “Deadpool is kind of an open book… He’s still feeling bad about his past relationship, he’s talking about it, and as somebody who balls up their emotions and feelings and puts them away until they eventually grow into a rage that overtakes them, I think this a nice way to go about things.”

Conversely, Alex Zalben — while he enjoyed the issue, thought “this feels a little safe to me…. Cody Ziglar does a good job of channeling Deadpool’s voice. There are some good jokes in here. The art is really nice and solid as well. Clearly, this is a book set up to be on shelves with enough issues when Deadpool & Wolverine comes out in theaters. I totally get that. But I like it when these books take a bigger swing.”

Zalben noted the previous run did add a lot of mythology to Deadpool’s canon, including the Carnage dog and his significant other. He also called out the old Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn run as another example, introducing a fleet of zombie presidents right at the start.

LePage took exception to this criticism and added, “Yeah, maybe in this first issue they didn’t come out with a crazy, huge idea. Maybe they’re slowly working up to something. Or maybe it’s nice just to have a little bit of a normal adventure before things get insane. You know what I mean? This is Deadpool. So it can go anywhere. It doesn’t always have to be on fire. It doesn’t always have to be insane. Sometimes it’s nice to have just a quiet thing where he’s contemplating his past relationship and having a good time with his dog as they murder their way through some mercenaries.”

Deadpool #1 Official Synopsis:

A NEW ERA FOR THE MERC WITH A MOUTH, AND A GUN, AND A SWORD… CODY ZIGLAR (Futurama, Miles Morales: Spider-Man) has a wild ride planned for the Merc with the mouth! Introducing a terrifying new villain who won’t stop until he catches Wade in his DEATH GRIP. But all work and no play makes Deadpool a very dead boy!

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