Dog Man Bestselling Book In The World, Two X-Men Books Shipping 18 Issues A Year, New Gerard Way Book Coming | Comic Book Club News For April 2, 2024

Comic Book Club News April 2 2024

Dog Man is the best-selling book in the world. X-Men will also be shipping 18 issues a year. New Gerard Way book coming. All on Comic Book Club News for April 2, 2024.


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Episode Transcript:

Dog Man best-selling book in the world.

Two X-Men titles shipping 18 issues a year.

New Gerard Way book coming.

This is Comic Book Club News for April 2, 2024.

Dog Man Is The Best-Selling Book In The World:

Dav Pilkey’s Dog Man is the best-selling book in the world, thanks to the just-released 12th book in the all-ages graphic novel series The Scarlet Shedder. All this despite my son saying this volume was “just okay.”

As reported by Popverse, the book was #1 in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Said Ellie Berger, President of trade for Scholastic, via a press release, “Not only have we seen robust sales with the release of The Scarlet Shedder, we also saw a 25% increase in backlist sales for Dog Man in the U.S.”

That means not only are folks buying the new one, it’s driving interest in the old books, as well. With more Dog Man on the way, and a feature film currently in production, Dog Man fever is just getting started! Bow wow!

X-Men Also Shipping 18 Issues Per Year:

Yesterday, we reported that writer Gail Simone’s Uncanny X-Men would be shipping 18 issues a year. Now, thanks to editor Tom Brevoort’s newsletter, we know that Jed MacKay’s adjectiveless X-Men title will also ship 18 issues a year.

Said Brevoort: “Before the editorial switch-over, Jordan White had been planning to have the two main X-MEN books ship 18 issues a year, and that plan sounded wise to me, so we’ll be keeping it in place. X-MEN and UNCANNY will alternate in this regard, with two issues on sale every other month in rotation.”

As for the rest of the books in the line, TBD. Smart money would say Exceptional X-Men will ship on a regular monthly schedule. As for the other X-Men titles that do not currently have creative teams announced, Brevoort noted those are still too early to talk about. Until that time, we’ll assume they’re releasing 365 issues per year.

New Gerard Way Book Coming:

Gerard Way, Shaun Simon, and Chris Weston are teaming up for a new Dark Horse Comics book titled Paranoid Gardens.

The plot of the book focuses on a nurse named Loo working at a care facility filled with aliens, ghosts, superheroes, and other bizarre creatures. Over the course of the book she tries to become the best nurse she can, and take down corruption in the care facility at the same time.

Said Way via press release: “I’m excited to be back with my incredibly handsome and talented brother-from-another-basement Shaun Simon penning a story that’s really special to us, and honored the masterful Chris Weston joined us to create a visually powerful and emotionally tangible physical object that is this comic. I’m now more complete getting to share something we’ve wanted to for a very long time, and working with this fantastic group of individuals in the process.”

The first issue of the six-issue miniseries hits stores on July 17, 2024.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And I demand they release a new X-Men comic every hour until our demands are met!

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