Dynamite Announces Jonny Quest Creative Team, FCBD Issue

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First came ThunderCats. Then Space Ghost. And now, Dynamite has announced the third series as part of their deal with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products: Jonny Quest, written by Joe Casey with art by Sebastián Piriz.

Before the title kicks off for real fans will get a taste with a 10-page story to be released as part of Dynamite’s Free Comic Book Day issue, coming on May 4, 2024. The issue will also include previews of the aforementioned titles, ThunderCats and Space Ghost.

“Fun adventure is what it’s all about,” said writer Joe Casey via a press release provided to Comic Book Club. “Getting the characters’ voices right has been a real kick.”

For those not familiar with Jonny Quest, it follows the titular 11-year-old as he travels the world, solving mysteries, rewriting history, and not being a duck. This is a DuckTales joke, by the way. Along with Jonny is his father Dr. Benton Quest, a scientist; his dog Bandit; his brother Hadji, and Race Bannon, his bodyguard.

The animated series originally ran only 26 episodes in 1964 and 1965. Still, like most ‘toons of the time it has a devoted fanbase and a fair amount of nostalgia. And the. character’s adventures continued later in 1986 as part of a Hanna-Barbera anthology series, followed by two TV movies, a comic book series, and a revival series. However, Jonny Quest is probably best known in the modern era as it was the model for The Venture Brothers, which took the bones of Jonny Quest and turned them into a dark, twisted skeleton.

This comic, to be clear, is not that.

The Free Comic Book Day issue comes with a cover by Chris Samnee, which you can check out below. Further info on the ongoing series will be coming at a later date.

Jonny Quest Free Comic Book Day cover

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