New Comics This Week: Full Comics List For March 20, 2024

new comics this week march 20 2024

After a few lighter weeks for everyone except Marvel, the new comics this week are starting to feel like a full-on haul as we get towards the end of March. But like, you know, positively.

It’s a big Star Wars week at Marvel Comics, with the kick-off of Star Wars: Jango Fett, a man who knows how to get a head in this world. Plus there’s a spinoff of the Disney+ short in Star Wars Visions: Takashi Okazaki. And not only that, new issues of Thrawn Alliances and The High Republic, Phase III. Gotta stay high!

Over at DC Comics, I will once again whoever gives out Pulitzers for titles of DC Comics, please do so for the Ape-ril Special which focuses on the publisher’s monkey and ape characters. Wonder Woman #7 takes a break from the action to follow Wonder Woman and Superman as they buy a birthday present for Batman, and if the issue isn’t titled “For The Man Who Wants Nothing,” we riot. Oh, and King Kong gets a Green Lantern ring in Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #6, probably, so that should be good.

There’s a lot to be excited about from other publishers, too. Oni Press enters the ’80s cartoon nostalgia wars with Nacelleverse #0, which features Biker Mice From Mars and others. Against all odds, the gorgeously illustrated Something Epic is back with a new issue from Image Comics. And IDW has a new issue of Beneath The Trees Where Nobody Sees, if you like to see cute animals getting chopped to bits.

Looking for previous lists? Check out our New Comics This Week archive for back-lists of comics, so you can get caught up quickly.

Read on for the full list of new comics this week from Marvel, DC Comics, Image Comics, and beyond:

New Marvel Comics This Week:

  • Beware the Planet of the Apes #3
  • Blade #9
  • Black Panther #10
  • Captain Marvel #6
  • Fantastic Four #18
  • The Invincible Iron Man #16
  • Night Thrasher #2
  • Resurrection of Magneto #3
  • Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver #2
  • Spider-Boy #5
  • Star Wars: The High Republic, Phase III #5
  • Star Wars: Jango Fett #1
  • Star Wars: Thrawn Alliances #3
  • Star Wars Visions: Takashi Okazaki #1
  • Spider-Woman #5
  • The Vengeance of Moon Knight #3
  • Wolverine: Madripoor Knights #2
  • Web of Spider-Man #1
  • X-Men Forever #1

New DC Comics This Week (Out March 19):

  • Ape-ril Special #1
  • Batman ’89: Echoes #2
  • Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #25
  • Catwoman #63
  • Green Lantern: War Journal #7
  • John Constantine, Hellblazer: Dead In America #3
  • Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #6
  • Justice Society of America #9
  • Nightwing #112
  • Superman #12
  • Titans #9
  • Wonder Woman #7
Ape-ril Special #1 cover

Ahoy Comics:

  • Project Cryptid #7

Archie Comics:

  • Archie Milestones Digest #23: Jughead Spring Time Bash
  • Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe of Horrors: Fresh Meat

BOOM! Studios:

  • The Displaced #2
  • Dune: House Corrino #1
  • Lotus Land #5
  • Man’s Best #1
  • Once Upon a Time at the End of the World #13
  • Power Rangers Archive, Book Two – Deluxe Edition HC

Dark Horse Comics:


  • n/a

Dynamite Entertainment:

  • Army of Darkness Forever #6
  • Elvira Meets H.P. Lovecraft #2
  • Gargoyles #12
  • James Bond 007 #3
  • Lilo & Stitch #2
  • Savage Red Sonja #5
  • Vampirella #667

IDW Publishing:

  • Beneath The Trees Where Nobody Sees #4
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Fortune Finder #5
  • My Little Pony: Mane Event
  • Star Trek #18
  • Star Trek: Day of Blood HC
  • Taka
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Untold Destiny of the Foot Clan #1
Beneath the Trees where Nobody Sees #4 cover

Image Comics:

  • Astro City Metrobook, Vol. 5
  • The Bloody Dozen: A Tale Of The Shrouded College #4
  • Cobra Commander #3
  • Descender Compendium TP
  • Dutch #2
  • G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #305
  • Hack/Slash Deluxe Edition, Vol. 4
  • The Holy Roller #5
  • The Infernals #2
  • Kill Your Darlings #7
  • Midlife, Or How To Hero At Fifty #6
  • The Scorched #27
  • Something Epic #8
  • Spawn #351
  • Tenement #10
  • The Walking Dead Deluxe #85

Oni Press:

  • Army of One, Vol. 1 GN
  • Delicates, Deluxe Edition HC
  • I Feel Awful, Thanks GN
  • Nacelleverse #0
  • Rick and Morty: Heart of Rickness TP

Titan Comics:

  • Blade Runner 2039 #11 (of 12)
  • Great Yokai War Guardians, Vol. 1 GN
  • Rebel Moon: House of the Bloodaxe #3 (of 4)
  • Star Wars Insider #224

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