Tom Taylor And Bruno Redondo To Exit Nightwing With “Fallen Grayson” Arc

Nightwing #114 cover Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo Fallen Grayson final arc

Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo have written one of the most lauded runs ever on DC ComicsNightwing. And now, they’re leaving the title — but first, they’re going to put Dick Grayson through the paces in their final, five-part arc titled “Fallen Grayson.”

The arc, as first revealed on DC’s blog, will kick off in the May 21 issue, Nightwing #114, and will focus on Heartless, the villain the duo have been seeding throughout their run, making one final attack on Nightwing. Unfortunately, as also heavily teased for the past few issues, our hero has lost the ability to leap… Making it hard for the hero to, you know, be a hero.

“When Bruno Redondo and I first took on this series,” said Tom Taylor via a press release provided to Comic Book Club, “we felt it was the perfect time for a big Nightwing story. We wanted to show the world why Dick Grayson was an A-lister in our eyes. It was the right time for a charming, entertaining, positive force for good pushing back against corruption and greed. It was also time for Dick and Babs to get a puppy.”

“I love Haley, aka Bitewing,” added Bruno Redondo, “but I was really looking to draw a bearded Nightwing since we started. Our very last arc on Nightwing gives me that chance.”

The pair began their run on Nightwing with issue #78, revamping the character and ultimately making him the center of the DC Universe once the Justice League stepped aside at the end of last year’s Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths event. His team the Titans have stepped up, too, thanks to the recently concluded Beast World event. And now they’re going to absolutely wreck the guy.

“It will make many people sad,” continued Redondo, “but it’ll also build. One last ride, full Tom and Bruno. If we are gonna end this (and every long arc needs to find its end), we are gonna make it in a big way.”

Nightwing #114 will hit stores, as mentioned, on May 21. You can check out Redondo’s cover below:

Nightwing #114 cover by Bruno Redondo

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