Marvel April 2024 Solicit Highlights | Comic Book Club News For January 26, 2024

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On today’s episode of Comic Book Club News, we’re taking a look at some of the highlights from the Marvel April 2024 solicits.


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Episode Transcript:

On today’s episode, we’re taking a look at some of the highlights from the Marvel April 2024 solicits.

This is Comic Book Club News for January 26, 2024.

Marvel April 2024 Solicit Highlights:

We’re kicking off our look at April solicits with the big one — or at least, what Marvel hopes will be the big one: Blood Hunt, a five-issue event by Jed MacKay and Pepe Larraz that will come in both a regular edition, as well as a Red Band, adults-only edition. However, this book isn’t even coming out in April… It will hit stores on Wednesday, May 1. The reason Marvel seems to be including it in April’s solicits is because Vampire Variants, which are confusingly not called Vampiriants, will hit stores throughout April. So there you go! Months and months of vampires await.

Moving back to the non-vampire Marvel Universe, long-running characters get their own, new ongoing series. A new Deadpool #1 comes from Cody Ziglar and Rogê Antônio, and introduces an enemy named Death Grip. Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider, a title that reads like an SEO play, comes from Stephanie Phillips and Chris Campana, and traps Gwen in the main 616 universe for unknown reasons.

As teased yesterday on Comic Book Club News, Marvel has officially clarified that The Immortal Thor will continue in April from Al Ewing and Ibraim Roberson. Meanwhile, the publisher will release a one-shot titled Roxxon Presents: Thor #1 with Ewing and art by Greg Land, which will tie into the overall storyline will tweaking corporate policy, both sides mentalities, and take aim squarely at the rise of AI.

Spider-Man, X-Men Also Highlight April 2024:

On the X-Men side of the world, things are very busy as several miniseries end in anticipation of the end of the whole Krakoa era. Magneto has returned in the final issue of Resurrection of Magneto, which you could have figured out by the title, while Dead X-Men also ends, though the fates of Prodigy, Dazzler, Frenzy, Cannonball, and Jubilee are TBA. Jubilee should be fine, though, she’s in May’s Free Comic Book Day story. Plus, as previously reported the Avengers will cross over with the Fall of the House of X event for two issues in April. Before we move on, probably worth mentioning that Weapon X-Men #2 will introduce a multiversal variant of Wolverine who is happy.

Moving to Spider-Man, according to the solicits March’s Web of Spider-Man #1 will find Ben Reilly escaping from his Limbo prison and heading for Peter Parker in two issues in April. The solicits also tease something happening with Norman Osborn, and a countdown to the events of May’s issue #50. Meanwhile, Spider-Woman might be setting up a cross-country Champions team, and Venom and Carnage continue to cross over in their respective titles.

And a few more highlights before we wrap up. Daredevil #8 promises an over-sized 60th anniversary celebration for the character as he’s hunted by the cops. Aliens: What If…? continues the five-issue exploration of what might have happened if Paul Reiser’s character survived, co-written by Paul Reiser, and I honestly thought this was a one-shot before reading these solicits. Darth Maul gets his own Black, White, and Blood series, written by Benjamin Percy with art by Stefano Raffaele. And last but not least, Fantastic Four #19 teases a noir mystery, which should be a blast.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And fun fact: May 1 is actually not a date in April! The more you know.

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