Marvel First Look: Ultimate Spider-Man #2

Ultimate Spider-Man #2 first look

Ultimate Spider-Man #2 won’t hit stores until February, but we’ve already got a first look inside the issue here, thanks to Marvel Comics. In the follow-up to the hit new series, written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Marco Chechhetto, we’re meeting the new Green Goblin — and the new Ultimate Shocker.

“My love for this character is no secret to anyone,” Checchetto shared via a press release provided to Comic Book Club. “As soon as I received Jonathan Hickman’s plot of the series, I was immediately fascinated with how he managed to create something truly fresh and new, while keeping the spirit and essence of the web-slinger intact. I really loved the dialogue and got chills drawing these scenes. We have the opportunity and privilege to create our version of Spider-Man, and for me, to create the entire design of the series.”

Spoilers past this point, but the first issue introduced a brave new world for Peter Parker. He’s married to Mary Jane, he has two kids, but he dreams of something more. Turns out they’re not just dreams: Tony Stark reveals he was meant to be Spider-Man, and gives him a costume and a spider-bite that gives him the classic Spider-Man powers.

That’s not the only twist in the new series… Uncle Ben is alive, and a commensurate newspaperman. But Aunt May is dead, thanks to an explosion blamed on Tony, that was actually not his fault. Also dead in the accident are Norman Osborn and his wife, seemingly leading to Harry donning the new Green Goblin outfit to become a heroic vigilante. That’s what Ben will be investigating this new issue, while Peter fights his first supervillain, The Shocker.

“Throughout our run, expect changes and both classic and new versions of characters,” Checchetto continued. “One of the first you’ll meet is Shocker. He’s at the beginning of his career, so I wanted to create something different. Shocker wears a bomb squad suit to protect himself from the powers of his gloves, but still maintains some details of his classic costume. I had a lot of fun, and I believe it helps convey that we are at the dawn of a new storytelling universe. I would also like to talk about the origin of the Green Goblin’s design, but I think it’s more exciting to let you discover it by reading the fantastic story created by Jonathan!”

Ultimate Spider-Man #2 First Look

Check out five unlettered pages, five covers, and designs for Ultimate Shocker and Ultimate Green Goblin from the February 21, 2024 publishing issue here:

Ultimate Spider-Man #2 Official Synopsis:

THE MOST SURPRISING SPIDER-MAN STORY OF THE 21ST CENTURY CONTINUES! Spider-Man faces his first super villain! J. Jonah Jameson’s quest to uncover who is really pulling the strings of this new Ultimate Universe leads to a shocking revelation! And New York City welcomes its newest hero…the Green Goblin!

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