DC Comics Preview: Titans: Beast World #5

Titans: beast World #5 preview

Read a preview of Titans: Beast World #5 from DC Comics, written by Tom Taylor with art by Ivan Reis and Eduardo Pansica.

In the preview, the Titans are dealing with the seeming death of Gar Logan at the hands of Amanda Waller. Meanwhile, Waller is strategizing her next move. And the Titans are ready to fight back. But are they ready for the mysterious, villainous Doctor Hate? All that, and presumably beasts in this new issue of Beast World! Yeah!

Titans: Beast World #5 Preview

Check out five pages and the cover from the January 23, 2024 publishing issue here:

Titans: Beast World #5 Official Synopsis:

WALLER VERSUS THE WORLD! After the shocking events of the last issue, the world stands divided: half with the Titans and half with the woman whose vicious methods have saved them for now. All this and more as Dr. Hate returns to revel in and spread their own unique brand of chaos!

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