Love Everlasting #11 Review: Cowboys Everlasting?

Love Everlasting #11

Read our review of Love Everlasting #11 from Image Comics, written by Tom King with art by Elsa Charretier.

We reviewed the book on the Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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Love Everlasting #11 Review:

We finally start to get some answers about what’s going on in this series as the meta-romance comic turns the focus to the cowboy who has been pursuing Joan this whole time.

“The flip here is it seems like we’re turning the series from focusing on Joan to focusing on the origin of our cowboy who has been hunting her this entire time,” said host Alex Zalben. “At least that’s my supposition here. Very surprising. I really thought we had another two issues left of the series, but I think it’s going to go on for a long time instead.”

Tyler agreed that he thought the series would end with issue #12, but since it is ongoing, “That’s really exciting because who knows where this could go. This has been such a fun read each [month], it’s a great homage to romance comics, really well-told versions of that, while at the same time having this underlying, ongoing fantastical premise that I think is really intriguing.”

Pete LePage was “a little worried about the ending… I want this to land well. But it continues to be very interesting and have really solid art.”

“Elsa Charretier’s art is fantastic,” added Zalben. “In the vein of Darwyn Cooke, obviously channeling romance comic books as well… Really good book, [but] I don’t know how much more this I can take. I need to start getting some answers. I can’t take this… Everlasting.”

Love Everlasting #11 Official Synopsis:

JUST WEST OF LOVE,” Part One The answers are here in this eye-opening new arc of the Eisner and Harvey-nominated series! Since issue one, Joan has been hunted and haunted by the Cowboy. Now, we travel west and explore his origins as we discover a huge clue to why Joan is trapped inside this strange world of love and violence.

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