Crave #2 Review: All Day Long I Dream About…

Crave #2 review

Read our review of Crave #2 from Image Comics, written and drawn by Maria Llovet, as the desire app drives our characters to extremes.

We reviewed the book on the Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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Crave #2 Review:

In the second issue of this miniseries, an app called Crave continues to drive students on campus to extremes to fulfill their desires. But a few of them aren’t ready to make the leap from fantasy to reality.

“I really like this book, [I] Maria love it,” said host Justin Tyler. “[She] also did Faithless, [another] book with a lot of sex in it. I think this book is just going right at it. it’s smarter. I like the premise more, it feels like a whole idea. She does a great job of just laying out the anticipation of sex, and showing it in these characters, and these characters who are rejecting the app and then giving in to it in different ways. It’s a sexual book… But it’s also very sexy.”

Continuing to extrapolate on the book, Tyler added, “It’s about the nature of desire and taboo things what we want, but we don’t let ourselves have… It’s very good.”

And Alex Zalben said, “It’s taking the idea of dating apps in particular and stretching them to their extreme… What does it mean if you can get an answer on your every desire? Will you still go for it?”

That said, Zalben also noted, “I don’t think this issue worked as well for me as the first issue… The first issue was a little clearer on the sci-fi premise. Here it was delving into the relationships, which is important for the arc of the comic book. It got deeper into the sex of the whole thing. But I find this very intriguing. It’s interesting, and again the art is absolutely gorgeous.”

Crave #2 Official Synopsis:

Hidden-User has sent David a bunch of sexy photos of Alexandra, but who is this Hidden-User?
And what will David do when confronted with Alexandra in the library? Meanwhile, Albert and Sofia are still trapped in the elevator, but things start to escalate in the campus corridors…

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