The Incredible Hulk #7 Review: Ghost Riders Of The Past

The Incredible Hulk #7 review

In The Incredible Hulk #7 from Marvel Comics, written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson with art by Nic Klein, Hulk teams up with an olde timey Ghost Rider.

We reviewed the book on the Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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The Incredible Hulk #7 Review:

The Hulk is in the desert, fighting demons with a World War II-era Ghost Rider. What more do you want?

“There’s some great horror, there’s a great drawing of this literally hulking Hulk in a way that we haven’t seen him in a while,” host Alex Zalben said on the issue.

“The art is phenomenal,” Pete LePage agreed. “This creepy-looking, long-haired Hulk is amazing.”

LePage also was very into this “old school” Ghost Rider, and the classic comic structure of the two characters fighting each other, before teaming up. That said, he was a little confused about a panel of Hulk smashing a girl into “gooey bits… I was having a hard time coming back from that panel… Did he murder that girl? Or is he just daydreaming about murdering girls? Why is he doing that?”

Alex Zalben offered that was “a mystery to be unraveled going forward,” and it most likely ties into the entity that inhabits Hulk towards the end of the issue. Justin Tyler added, “That panel [is] harder to tell if it happened or not.”

That said, Tyler in general loved the issue, and “the contrast between green Hulk, the fire of the Ghost Rider, and then the goo-goo eyes folks later on… It is really nice from an artistic point of view.” Tyler also compared it fondly to Johnson’s work on the Fellspyre Chronicles, his fantasy epic. “It has shades of that, and I really liked that.”

The Incredible Hulk #7 Official Synopsis:

HULK VERSUS THE WAR DEVILS! The Hulk and the undead Ghost Rider make amends, but Ghost Rider smells an evil in the air – and it’s been terrorizing a small community. With Bruce’s teenage sidekick, Charlie, determined to prove herself as a hero, Hulk must face them down before she gets herself into more trouble than she bargained for!

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