Marvel Preview: Immortal X-Men #18

Immortal X-Men #18 preview

Read a preview of Immortal X-Men #18 from Marvel Comics, written by Kieron Gillen with art by Juan José Ryp.

In the pages below, Mother Righteous has captured Jean Grey, and is leading her… Somewhere. Meanwhile, 250,000 other mutants are all trapped with her in the White Hot Room. The only one who can get them out alive and save everyone? Destiny, who as far as anyone knows, doesn’t have any powers at the current time.

The Krakoa era is wrapping up in a big way, and nothing is wilder and weirder than Immortal X-Men. So check out the preview below and speculate about how those crazy X-Men get out of this one?

Immortal X-Men #18 Preview

Check out three pages and the cover from the December 27, 2023 publishing issue here:

Immortal X-Men #18 Official Synopsis:

FOREVER CHANGES! Being immortal means nothing when you’ve run out of time. There’s no future. There’s no past. There’s no way out.

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