Marvel March 2024 Solicit Highlights | Comic Book Club News For December 22, 2023

Comic Book Club News December 22 2023 spectacular spider-men ghost rider ms. marvel

Today on Comic Book Club News’s 100th episode, we’re combing through the Marvel March 2024 solicit text to find highlights from the month. NOTE: the podcast will be taking a hiatus for the holidays after this, and will return in 2024.


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Episode Transcript:

It’s the one-hundredth episode of the podcast, and we’re breaking down some of the highlights from Marvel’s March 2024 solicits.

This is Comic Book Club News for December 22, 2023.

Marvel March 2024 Solicit Highlights:

As mentioned, this is the one-hundredth episode of Comic Book Club News. So what better way to celebrate than taking a look ahead at what Marvel Comics is publishing in March of 2024? Probably better ways, honestly, but you take what you get.

First up, probably the most intriguing release from Marvel’s rebooted Ultimate Universe, March sees the debut of Peach Momoko’s Ultimate X-Men. Featuring characters Armor and Maystorm, the title looks to embrace Japanese urban legends and mix them together with X-Men mythology and Momoko’s unique style. Elsewhere in the Ultimate Universe, Black Panther #2 continues the character’s fight against Moon Knight. And in Ultimate Spider-Man #3, it looks like the twist with the Green Goblin is he’s a hero in this universe and teaming up with Spider-Man.

Moving from Ultimate Spider-Man to Spectacular Spider-Men, the new main continuity series teams up Peter and Miles, from Gargoyles creator Greg Weisman. Plus, Mary Jane and Black Cat team up once again in Jackpot and Black Cat #1. And Web of Spider-Man #1 is one of those short story/preview the next year type deals, with this one promising to tease Spider-Man stories through 2025.

X-Men Highlights For March 2024:

The X-Men side of the universe is also busy as the Krakoan era is mid-way through wrapping up. If you’re looking for a fresh start, Marvel has teased that the next generation of titles will begin in July 2024. But before that, this month brings a bevy of mutant madness. Iman Vellani and Sabir Pirzada are back for a second stab at Ms. Marvel in Ms. Marvel: Mutant Menace #1, which sends the character back to New Jersey after the previous, hit miniseries. X-Force #50 brings a final fight against Beast, and the publisher is promising there won’t be a dry eye in the house. Christos Gage spins off Weapon X-Men, a team of multiversal Wolverines. Kieron Gillen continues the story he’s been telling in Immortal X-Men in the four-issue mini X-Men Forever. And last but not least, if you’re hyped for the new X-Men ’97 animated series coming to Disney+, Marvel has an official comic prequel from Steve Foxe and Salva Espín.

There’s also a brand-new Ghost Rider in Ghost Rider #1 from Benjamin Percy… And it seems like the new GR is a bad guy. Venom and Carnage kick off a crossover in their respective titles, both written by Torunn Grønbekk. And things are gonna get goopy. In Thanos #4 of 4, Marvel is teasing “the most consequential fight in the history of the Marvel Universe.”

Paul Reiser Writing Aliens: What If?

And last but not least, in perhaps the most unexpected release this month: Paul Reiser is writing a comic book. Specifically, Aliens: What If?, with his son Leon Reiser. The title imagines what might have happened if Reiser’s character from the Alien sequel, Carter Burke, had survived the events of Hadley’s Hope. Sounds like it’s time for the Ruff Reisers to rise up, once again.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And in all sincerity, thank you to everyone who has listened and shared this podcast for the last hundred episodes. I’ll be taking a hiatus over the next few weeks for the holidays. But this podcast will return in the New Year. Happy holidays one and all. Or as Paul Reiser might say: stop, drop, shut ’em down, open up shop.

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