Green Lantern: War Journal #3 Review: Fear The Radiant Dead

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Things get even worse for John Stewart in Green Lantern: War Journal #3, from DC Comics, written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson with art by Montos.

We reviewed the book on the Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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Green Lantern: War Journal #3 Review:

Despite the bear-fighting on the cover, the only demons John Stewart is wrestling with in this issue are his own. After an attack by the Radiant Dead left him beaten and infected, and his mother in the hospital, all Stewart wants is to be left alone. Too bad he’s the only person who can save the world.

“There is such a depth of emotion in this book,” host Alex Zalben said. “Huge action huge stakes… A classic Philip Kennedy Johnson book and once again, he is knocking out of the park. Plus Montos’ art, particularly when it comes to this Radiant Dead infection, is so spooky and terrifying.”

Pete LePage in particular appreciated that John Stewart isn’t just moving on from what happened to his mother, to get sucked into the overall action. “Sometimes when big events happen and there are people in the crowd or whatever, [heroes] sometimes move on… I was so glad that they picked right up with that and ran with it. It’s very touching, heartbreaking stuff.”

LePage was worried that, “Not only is he going to lose his mom, but then he’s going to lose his arm. There are high stakes going on in this book… I don’t like Green Lantern, but I’m enjoying this.”

Building off of that, Zalben lauded Kennedy Johnson’s story craft here. “In terms of crafting the story, giving the hero a real emotional reason to refuse the call, not just because they don’t want to be a hero but the fact that his mom has Alzheimer’s… is slowly failing and he just wants to be with her,” Zalben said. “That’s the reason he doesn’t want to save the world anymore. Is such a deeply ingrained emotional reason to give him to eventually, presumably want to fight to save her, to save everyone. But right now to be scared to leave her is such an interesting mode for a hero. I’m really fascinated read this. This is a great character study, as well as a big action book at the same time.”

Green Lantern: War Journal #3 Official Synopsis:

WHO IS LANTERN SHEPHERD? John Stewart has had his first battle with a deadly new adversary and is infected by the Radiant Dead! Will his powers help slow the spread of this supernatural contagion, or are they transforming him into the most terrifying host imaginable? And who is the powerful young Green Lantern from within the Multiverse, Lantern Shepherd?

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