DC Comics Preview: Titans: Beast World – Evolution #1

Titans: Beast World - Evolution #1 header

Don’t worry, DC Comics‘ next big event hasn’t kicked off yet. Instead, Titans: Beast World – Evolution #1 is a one-shot collecting three, previously published stories: Teen Titans #5, Tales of the New Teen Titans #3, and a story from Action Comics #1051.

DC is teasing that these three stories will not only reveal a piece of Beast Boy’s past, but perhaps tease his future in the upcoming crossover event. So pay careful attention…

Titans: Beast World – Evolution #1 Preview

Check out six pages and the cover from the November 21, 2023 publishing issue here:

Titans: Beast World – Evolution #1 Official Synopsis:

DISCOVER THE HIDDEN PIECES OF BEAST BOY’S PAST THAT COULD SAVE THE FUTURE! Tales of the Greatest Titan, revealed! It’s not easy being green, but Garfield Logan has made the best of it. After contracting a rare disease as a child, he underwent an experimental genetic treatment that granted him the incredible ability to shape-shift into any animal at will. As Beast Boy, Gar has saved the world as a member of the Titans more times than he can count…but soon he could be the one to destroy it all! See where it all began in this special one-shot collecting Teen Titans #5, Tales of the New Teen Titans #3, and a story from Action Comics #1051. Each reveals a piece of Beast Boy’s past that could hold the key to saving the future!

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