Robert Kirkman Lets Slip Invincible’s Steven Yeun Is Sentry In Marvel’s Thunderbolts

Steven Yeun The Sentry Marvel Thunderbolts

Robert Kirkman is a writer who has been notoriously tight-lipped about his creations. From The Walking Dead to Invincible, Kirkman has played with fans for decades. He never drops info and always purposefully (and jokingly) lying to throw fans off the scent of potential plotlines. But on other people’s creations? Fair game, as Kirkman confirmed that Invincible and Walking Dead star Steven Yeun will be playing Marvel’s The Sentry on a recent live-stream.

The news came out at about one hour and twenty minutes into a live stream with artist David Finch. While Finch drew Invincible‘s Omni-Man, fans interviewed Kirkman. A fan asked in the YouTube comments: “Does Rob ever get asked about The Sentry in Marvel?” Kirkman, who did work for Marvel for a while including helping create the Marvel Zombies franchise seemed surprised. He noted he had never worked on the super-strong character before. The only exception was a scene in Marvel Zombies. Kirkman revealed it was originally meant to be Superman in Mark Millar’s Ultimate Fantastic Four… Before the character was changed to The Sentry.

Invincible and The Sentry

And then, unprompted, Kirkman dropped a bomb. “My good friend Steven Yeun is playing The Sentry in a movie,” Kirkman said, referring to the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movie Thunderbolts. “He called me, he went in for a costume fitting… I don’t think this is a spoiler or anything that will get anybody in trouble. I don’t know, maybe. I don’t care, I don’t work for Marvel, what are they going to do to me? He called me, he said, ‘I just came back from a costume fitting for The Sentry, I guess I only do superheroes that are yellow and blue.'”

Kirkman is referring to the costumes for Invincible, and The Sentry, both of which are indeed yellow and blue. “He said he was at the costume fitting and was like, ‘aw, crap.’ I forgot Invincible was yellow and blue,'” Kirkman continued, laughing.

Who Is Marvel’s The Sentry In Thunderbolts?

So, there you go! Steven Yeun is playing Bob Reynolds, aka The Sentry, in Marvel’s upcoming Thunderbolts movie. In case you don’t know, there have been a lot of takes on the character. The short version is that he turns from a regular guy named Bob into The Sentry. The Sentry is a Superman-style character with the power of a thousand exploding suns. The twist is that The Sentry is also his own arch-enemy, The Void. In various runs on the character, the dichotomy has been used to delve into ideas around mental health… With varying success, though many of the miniseries are very good.

The Sentry died a few years back in Marvel Comics but is coming back with the power now moving on to several other regular people. As for how it will play out in Thunderbolts — or if that movie will happen at all, given shake-ups at Marvel — is TBD. However, Thunderbolts is currently scheduled to be released on July 25, 2025, directed by Jake Schreier. It will also star Florence Pugh, David Harbour, Sebastian Stan, Hannah John-Kamen, Wyatt Russell, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Olga Kurylenko, all reprising their roles from other MCU movies.

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