DC Comics Preview: The Vigil #6

The Vigil #6 preview header

Last month’s issue of this DC Comics title was a mind-bender with huge revelations. And now writer Ram V and artist Lalit Kumar Sharma are back to deal with the fallout in The Vigil #6.

In case you need a little breakdown, and spoilers past this point: The Vigil isn’t real. Or rather, they’re the focal point of a war between three people who have the power to create reality. Really pulls the rug out from under you, huh?

See how some of the team is dealing with this in the preview pages, below.

The Vigil #6 Preview

Check out five pages and the cover from the November 14, 2023 publishing issue here:

The Vigil #6 Official Synopsis:


/Who Are the Vigil?/

/New member “The Wild Card” file loading…

The metahuman group the Vigil seems have to added a fifth member to the group…identity unknown. Powers unknown. Theory is they were picked up from a field mission, but no other details at this time. Remember, discretion is key—you are being watched. Stay vigilant.


/you are being watched./

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